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  1. Holy Cross will be fine. They overcame injuries this year and have to shed the bad habits that their last coach instilled in them over many years. Every game they are getting better.
  2. School function KYA for one and family obligations out state for the other.
  3. I was just asking a question I didn't want to stir anything up. I don't follow Notre Dame basketball. I just didnt see many JV kids from last year on this year's roster.
  4. If they won JV tournament last year how does the official roster have one senior and one sophomore? The rest are freshman. What happened to that JV team?
  5. Hello, This a not a normal thing but my daughter plays for the Royals and Holy Cross High School. The last post on Bolus Pre Season ranks is not good for KY girls’ basketball or the kids involved in exposure or AAU. The Royals organization is being talked about this year consisted of 6 or 7 young ladies giving everything they had to succeed. When they received some exposure you come down on them and the coach. The girls on Premier and their families are friends or family. When we see each other, there is no animosity between us. It has become so disturbing that KY girls’ basketball has come down to this. Premier and Royals friends should come together say, NO to those horrible post and division they try to create.
  6. Holmes and now as of today I am hearing Holy Cross Covington has no coach
  7. The 9th has so many talented teams contending for the top spot. New to Kentucky high school scene but it seems that other regions are not as loaded with quality teams.
  8. The Center Sidney Thomas is not transferring. I am her father so we can put that one to rest.
  9. SK had a great year. I picked them to the finals. Don't let a person drag SKs season down because they have nothing else to do. Great year SK!
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