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  1. My comment was general as to differences between 40/43 foot eras in Kentucky softball, not directed at Montana Fouts. The most dominant pitchers in 2017 can't put up numbers like pitchers put up 10-15 years ago. I also think the talent level is far better now as well. As far as Fouts, when you mix in the lack of competition it becomes even more difficult to figure. Last year she had a .15 ERA for the season and 3.09 at state tournament. She gave up more hits at state than all season combined. She's clearly a big talent, but she has not been challenged playing high school softball. That seems pretty clear.
  2. What year did they move the rubber back? The numbers put up at 40 feet are like Deadball era numbers in the majors by comparison.
  3. The girl who pitched last night is signed with UK. They have a couple of other D1 players and a couple verbals. Here is what is posted on the KY HS softball website Kyla Simpson Woodford Co University of Pikeville Bethany Todd Woodford Co University of Kentucky Caitlin Karo Woodford Co University of Tennessee – Martin Ariel Daily Woodford Co Louisiana Tech University Peyton Rose (2018) Woodford Co Morehead State University Paige Hampton (2018) Woodford Co Asbury University
  4. #1 versus #2 in the state in that game last night. A shame both teams haven't been able to go to state the past 3-4 years.
  5. Didn't they win in between Scott County's 2 titles in 2015? Doesn't hurt that they combined 3 great programs into 1 a few years ago.
  6. It's just an apples to apples comparison, is all. How many HRs did a kid hit from 9th to 12th grade. I'm sure someone could compile a separate list of kids who hit HRs at the varsity level, regardless of what grade they were in.
  7. Almost complete: http://khsaa.org/fastpitchsoftball/2017/statefastpitchbracket.pdf So far: 1st - McCracken 2nd - Madisonville North Hopkins 3rd - Owensboro Catholic 4th - 5th - Central Hardin 6th - 7th - 8th - Collins 9th - 10th - Harrison 11th - Woodford 12th - Boyle 13th - North Laurel 14th - Leslie 15th - 16th - East Carter I can't believe no one posted anything about Scott County losing its first game in Kentucky this year and not going to State to defend its title.
  8. It does, in Kentucky. If someone is good enough to compete at the varsity level in Arizona as an 8th grader but isn't allowed to, you aren't comparing apples to apples when you rank people across all states.
  9. I would guess level playing field as far as comparisons. Some states don't allow 8th and younger to play at the high school level.
  10. I think the rest of the games were canceled.
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