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  1. Beechwood is not even close to being the 2nd best team in region!
  2. NCC plays Beechwood tomorrow night in a triple header. Should be a great game. I like NCC in this one even thou they are still without 2 returning starters from last year.
  3. NCC looked great tonight. Probably the 2nd best team in the 9th...Mulligan still out until after Christmas break...
  4. Do you mean Joel iles? Jared iles graduated 2 years ago..
  5. Howard and Mullikin are nice players but can’t fathom how you have one of the best shooters in region in Joel Iles and Ross pangallo that are not part of this offense! I also cannot believe some of the substitutions last night for NCC. I agree with NKYballcoach that next yr and a couple yrs after that NCC will be the team to beat in the 9th.
  6. Great win by the Breds! The Muliken kid was a beast tonight with 37 points and a ton of rebounds.Freshman Joel Iles had 16 points and Eli Howard finished with 14 I believe. Don’t sleep on this team.
  7. New Cath has beaten Cov Cath twice and has a lot of talent on team!!! Anybody who wouldn't consider them contenders are haters of the new Cath !! Go Breds!! Some guys will never mention ncc mainly the previous poster!!
  8. burch is already one of the best catchers in NKY!! Only going to get better!!
  9. smith and Iles are very talented sophomores !! Also you have Jason decker who should be playing varsity! New Cath has a lot of talent on Jv team! The next 2 yrs New Cath will be fun to watch! Their sophomore class ranks right up there!! Go Breds!!
  10. will be much better next yr and the following yr!!! Go Breds!!
  11. Congrats to brossart... New Cath's time will come..
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