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  1. Down low in the paint yes for Boone outside no
  2. Something popped in his back wasn't able to walk, more likely out the rest of this week day by day after that.
  3. Boone County does not have open enrollment, its based on districts if you live within that district that is the school you're required to go to.
  4. Cole Shumate led the Rebels with 20 points ,and Jashuan Pocncy with 18 points
  5. Boone county has the up-and-coming pieces they just need to figure out how to put it together struggling as of lately
  6. Not sure we're people are getting there information all schools go through up and down periods Dixie has a really good freshman class there now as 8th graders they won the ninth region last year the three kids that transfer to Lloyd from Dixie are decent players but two of them had problems with discipline that lead to them being removed from the team hopefully they can contribute to and help Lloyd this season
  7. I agree top two teams on the same side is bad for the championship but I guess that's the draw if indeed they did that way
  8. Sorry the foul differential was 25 to 14 Boone lost two of their starters including Ethan Haynes so to say this game was equal is an underestimation
  9. Good win for SK Boone can't keep turning the ball over 20 plus times down the stretch
  10. Ok this is an old thread Cooper's is coming of a loss to Boone County on Friday it will be interesting to see if they can rebound from that today against Cov Cath
  11. It was a great game and glad nobody got hurt starting in the 3rd quarter the refs swallow the whistles thought I was watching an NFL game except with a basketball
  12. Cole Shumate is playing for Boone Donavon Robinson is playing For Ryle
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