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  1. Figured I'd just throw this out and see what happens....
  2. F, Sa and Su. 12/11-13. Which class playing when?
  3. 14 needs to bring himself back to 2015 deep in own territory @ Bryan Station 3rd qtr!!! #theyreback !!!!
  4. Good luck!! Including today, 4 TD vs starting 11 on D. And today’s was without NG. Hmmm...
  5. Purple88, you should remember 33 from 3 yrs ago vs 7th grade Purples!! Was about 70% tonight. Should be a fun ride!!!
  6. That’s was for 2017. Click 2018 @ bottom of page.
  7. No O punch without 5 in backfield, but I get it with D offers. 33 would have had 3 bills. Low hit by 2 targeted ankle and wrapped. Intent??
  8. Why did Jumper Dad have his post in bold? Was he yelling? What’s that all about?
  9. Hey, how did DeSales look in tourney yesterday? Watkins put on a show??
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