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  1. If Dixie's run defense struggles like they did in the 2nd half vs CC, than this game could be a close. Dixie wins by 2 scores.
  2. Marshall is starting at CB, and I believe he'll be getting touches at rb too
  3. My first time getting out to see Weyer, I was expecting a lot more. Pretty disappointed. Dropped open passes, once CovCath got physical he laid off and forced bad shots, idk how much the injury caused but I was expecting more.
  4. Curious to see how Mullins will perform in a Newport uniform.
  5. I sure hope Holmes will be better than this as the season moves forward. Henry Clay is good ball club!
  6. Have any stats yet? Curious about Wade from Calvary.
  7. Scott is definitely a run first team, so if they can get the pass game going a little bit, they could pull out a win.
  8. Happy to see Scott finally getting it done in the playoffs!
  9. Leon Marshall from Turkey Foot. Running Back, headed to Scott next year. Only played 3 games this year until he went out with an injury. Good break away speed, almost refuses to go down, can be shifty. Outplayed both running backs from SV. Hammack & Marshall are the top 2 backs in NKY Middle School IMO.
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