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  1. Per radio announcers after the game, St X had 15 made FG's to Trinity's 12 made FG's but Trinity was 32/37 from FT line. Jacob King did play some in his 1st game of the season. On his way back
  2. He had 6 DII offers. Thought he was leaning toward Ky Wesleyan, but he really liked everything about Rollins.
  3. You're right, Scott County was in the 8th region then and Rick Jones was Mr Basketball in 1999 and Scott Hundley in 2000. Hard to keep up with years and changes.
  4. Jason Frakes@kyhighs tonight, Jason Frakes ‏@kyhighs 5h5 hours ago "Lots of complaints about lack of Louisville representation on All-State teams. Folks, it's all about who turns in ballots."
  5. The CJ should post the names of coaches/schools that did not submit ballots. Four regions that did not even have 1 honorable mention?
  6. Per the Courier Journal today the Kentucky All-Stars aren’t scheduled to release their complete rosters for their boys and girls basketball teams until next week, but a few players already have announced their selections via social media.
  7. Per Jason Frakes today partial list announced of players- Players announcing selections to Kentucky All-Stars teams | | USA Today High School Sports Carson Williams, Owen County (Mr. Basketball) Caleb Taylor, South Laurel Connor McKim, St. Xavier Tyrik Edwards, Christian County Tyler Sharpe, Bullitt East Alex Cook, Male
  8. I think what upset people was that during handshakes by teams after the game was over as McKim neared Trinity student stands while still shaking hands, Trinity students started the chant again, "You let your whole team down" some one from Trinity finally made them quit.
  9. Per official stats, McKim went 10/24 FG for 41.7% and 9/12 FT. The rest of the team went 4/19 FG for 21%. McKim played the full 36 min, never out of the game.
  10. Championship game between Trinity and St X Tuesday 7:00 pm at Valley HS
  11. I liked liking posts that I liked, now there's no like to like. (hopefully that got it out of my system)
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