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  1. I think it will make the NFL look bad more than anything, I read somewhere they even tried to downplay some of the NFL story, to keep the NFL happy.
  2. Usually preferred walk-ons are guaranteed a spot, walk-ons have to try out.
  3. Wasn't there some politics with a top administrators child or grandson and playing time? I wouldn't blame him for him leaving a situation like that.
  4. I think this will be a run away from prior meeting, Lex Cath had just beat Boyle the week prior. Who's QB for Catholic right now? Brumbaugh or Fagot? Looks like they got equal reps last game.
  5. I heard on the radio (albeit they were half joking) but Mark Zuckerburg could be the most powerful man in politics, when it comes to digging up old dirt. He will have data and information on potential political candidates, if you think about this generation.
  6. I think so...with that rap ad he came out with today.Cringe... Ben Carson campaign rolls out rap ad - CNNPolitics.com
  7. Wasn't Green Co. Involved in a brawl a few years ago? Or Maybe it was coaches?
  8. Just wondering because I've heard through the years that Saylor kind of made the defense tick, in a old school way.
  9. How much did Tony Saylor retiring play a part? Wasn't he there as long as Larkey was?
  10. That Salsman has him teams ready and disciplined come Feb/March.
  11. LCA should have a nice young squad this year. 11th and 12th region will have some nice teams in the coming years.
  12. Lexington Catholic could be the worst team in the city every year and still have the best shot to win Region
  13. Guys, in case you didn't know, Wells isn't on the pre season player list.
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