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  1. He was a guest on the Pardon My Take October 31/November 1st episode, for those who are interested.
  2. A few months ago I listened to an a podcast that had Geno Auriemma, the UCONN women's head coach, on. He said that they regularly practice against male uconn students. He said some of the guys are pretty good players that could have played D3 ball if they wanted to but chose to just be a student at uconn instead. He said those random male students kick their butts but it makes them better players and thats why the do it. Most colleges do the same thing with similar results. A group of random guys with a little basketball skill will usually beat a top 25 womens D1 team, often it wouldn't be close. It is just the way it is. Not sure if this has been mentioned but a few years ago the Australian nation women's team, a top 5 national team in the world, lost something like 7-0 to a local 14/15 year old boys team. Things like that are why its so tough to compare women vs. men sports. They are often more like two separate sports.
  3. Not sure if any relation to the coach, but on Cincinnati espn radio a Quentin Marksberry said he was disappointed with Simon Kenton tonight.
  4. Should be a good one. For those intersted, the Cov Cath - Ryle series is tied at 7-7 coming into this one.
  5. A quick look at the Cov Cath website, the freshman Colonels only have one loss (assuming the website is correct). A 3 point loss to Cincinnati Elder. Almost all of the NKY games have been 25+ point wins. Does Cov Cath have any freshman that are not playing in the Tournament? Do any schools have a few players that exclusively play up?
  6. I remember. But I also remember 2000, 01, 02, 03, 05, 07, 13, and 16. All years Cov Cath lost in region to a team they beat in the regular season. Often times teams they beat by double digits.
  7. Someone needs to pull some strings and make sure these two meet in the finals and not the semi finals. Could be a very different game and out come on a bigger court, with both teams healthy, and not have fans right on top of you. Unfortunately, in my lifetime it seems like Cov Cath often loses the rematch when it matters most, although it was usually always to Holmes.
  8. True. I think most people realize that the real game is the one that is likely to happen between these two in a few weeks.
  9. There are currently 12 schools playing boys basketball from Kenton county. 1 in the 8th region, 9 in the 9th, and 2 in the 10th. I am not including St. Henry because even though their address is Erlanger, they are actually Boone county. There are 20 teams total in the 9th. 5 per district. If someone new comes in, then someone else probably has to go out.
  10. Something tells me he won't have trouble finding a job after graduation.
  11. Cov Cath wins the JV game 40-33, according to the Elder twitter account.
  12. How much playing time do you think Caleb Jefferson gets in the beginning of the year?
  13. Second time this year Cov Cath was dominating a team and then gave up a kickoff return for a TD. Can't do that against better teams. Can't be giving teams that your significantly better than hope.
  14. It be hard to argue if they win back to back! I always felt that Cov Cath's soccer program should have been stronger than it was. Great to see where it belongs as one of the states best. This will make 5 years in a row where Cov Cath will be at least the runner up in a non classed sport. CCH is also the last NKY school to win a state championship in soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, and swimming. Shows the hard work of all the different athletes. Bring it home Colonels!
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