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  1. Check out what the man had to deal with in the 9th region tournament last season. No one should have to put up with that garbage. It is a shame parents have to ruin sports.
  2. And now it makes perfect sense why the ad told you no to coaching. I can't imagine the poison you would have spread on the team. It is funny you said nothing when Cooper was up 3-0.
  3. Copperhead. And you my friend are the exact reason why cos he's quit. Give the man a little credit. Most wins by the team. District title and making the region. He cannot play all 9 spots on the field. 5 errors. You are not going to win with that. If you think you can do better get on the staff
  4. Watching the 2nd half of the game I would have to say NDA was the better team. I had no rooting interest. They have a deep bench and kept running girls in and out. HHS looked like they were relying on the long ball. NDA is much to quick for that. As for the off sides call. It was a close call. One thing I always watch are how the coaches and player react to the call. There was not a big argument after the call, that tells me she was off sides. On a side note I hope the 9th region takes tower park out of the rotation. Parking is terrible, you do not have enough stands for the crowd to sit in. They could have used at least twice the amount of bleacher space for that game.
  5. Is there any word on what time they will play, I am assuming it will be tonight?
  6. Change up you are right. Conner's bench was in the game the whole time. Cooper's coach looked like he tried to light a fire under the kids in between innings but did no good. Sometimes you have look in the mirror for the answer or the problem. If Cooper supposedly has better talent on the bench what have they shown this season to prove it. This is Varsity sports not every kids gets a ribbon for being on the team. You earn the right to play. Give credit where credit is due. Conner hit the ball and made the plays to win.
  7. RC, I have enjoyed reading both of these threads on HC baskeball and appreciate the passion you show. I feel that you are barking up the wrong tree. The finger should be pointed at the system KHSAA has in place. It allows for 7th and 8th graders to play "non contact" varsity sports. If NDA, NCC, HHS do not allow these players to play or do not have room for a player so be it and good for them. HC is doing nothing wrong allowing these students play athletics, that is how the system works. By the way HC is one heck of a school they do not get enough credit for their academics. Parents and kids chase championships. Look at CCH on the boys side of BB. They now have 40 plus kids coming from all over the area to try and play in their BB program. Just like HHS Football program was in the past. In fact they have CVH playing for them. When he was an 8th grader he started at Villa. You did not hear their parents complaining about winning. Did you really think he would stay there. Hopefully these families are looking at the education their kids are getting.Llets face it the majority of these kids will be done playing at the end of their high school career. Their education is forever. If they are making the choices that are best for their kids education and have a great high school sports experience, then good for them. IF they are chasing a championship then good luck with that.
  8. QS I guess I misunderstood the situation a bit. You are right the boys should share the "field" with the girls program. I hope they put lines on the new turf because what you call a soccer field is more like a mind field. The goals do not even line up. They are off set to fit the field. It does not have a crown it is set on a slope. Are they even going to be able to use the grass this year due to construction of the new gym? I just looked at the football schedule and they have at least 3 games on grass, Llloyd, Dayton and Ludlow. I am not sure about the 3 games they have to travel to. If I were the coach I would want my kids to practice on grass. As for the people at the top hiring a coach with out going through the proper steps. Look how that turned out on the girls side. I should have clarified myself the JV game I was at was a girls game not a boys. My feeling is that if you have a varsity sport they should have the ability to play a home game or 2 think about those seniors. Just like Hellbird says. He was part of the first team and is still proud of it. Give them the chance to show share that pride.
  9. QS, I have a solution for you. Move Cross Country off the field. Why can't you find another place on campus to run. Move the Middle school football off the field. Look at Ft Mitchell park for practice areas. Have the football team practice in the grass. They do play on grass as well as turf. There is a big difference in the surface of the field. If I were a resident of Ft Mitchell I would also be vocal about the soccer teams playing games on Edgar McNab field. It is a travesty that jv soccer games are cut short due to darkness and the turf field is wide open. I saw this happen last year. Games should be a greater importance than practice. And as for putting turf on the baseball field you better dig a bit deeper in your pockets. CCH is replacing their turf at a price of $300k I think.
  10. i think it is more about the money. Private schools cannot compete with what the clubs are paying their coaches.
  11. Sorry offside I was just trying to show that there are several kids going to play in college. If I had to guess I would say all the d 1 schools are scholarship of some sort. You are right the d 3 schools do not have "scholarships" for sports but they find the money in other ways.
  12. Here is a link to the Kings Hammer program. They had 50 kids get scholarships Congrats Grads! - Kings Hammer Academy
  13. Try Herb and Thelma's in Covington. They have a great burger for the price.
  14. I was at the game. I have no dog in this fight I went to see 2 top notch pitchers throw and that is what I got. One thing that is being overshadowed by the he said she said are the young men that played the game. I was very impressed by both starting pitchers. It will be nice to see how they progress in the future. Both teams did not buy in to all the garbage going on in the stands. They played the game the way it was supposed to be played. Was the play at second intentional or not? who knows the call was made and you have to go on. If I were a player for BC and my father or mother acted the way your fans did I would tell them to stay away from my games. The issue I have is early in the game the Cooper picture had an issue with his foot. The coach was concerned enough to call the trainers out. The fans were yelling about that. If you have to cheer for a young man that is hurt STAY HOME. People this is high school baseball not the 7th game of the world series. The sun came up today just like it will tomorrow. How about this cheer for you kids and encourage them to do the best they can.
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