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  1. Coach Woolley had it on his phone at one time . I will ask.
  2. Yes . The Ross boys from Ryle and Tucker from Scott grew up playing in the same program in bcpwfl in the younger years . Coached by many of the same coaches .
  3. I agree his conditioning was lacking later part of the season . He had been sidelined several weeks without practice or play with an injury in the Conner game . I wish he had been on the field as well , the end of the last game . Not sure the true outcome would have been different, but his competitive drive and size could of played a factor. I am glad for him , he has one more year.
  4. Scott should utilize him on both sides of the line next season .
  5. Nelson Perrin as a Junior and Gage Tucker as a Senior at Scott High School . Both these youngmen will be huge leaders in very different roles.
  6. Should be a good game . Both teams should be ready for a good night. I hope Scott can keep this historic season going !!
  7. Eagle Stadium in Taylor Mill ky . Taking in History !! Go Scott Eagles !! Good Luck !!
  8. I have said back in spring and early summer . I think the Eagles have a shot of going undefeated in district and deep in playoffs. I even said what are the chances they fight for a state title. I still stand by my pre season prediction . This team is under everyones radar . They have the potential to be the dark horse in 4A.
  9. I have said it before on previous threads in late spring and summer. The Scott Eagles have a shot to go undefeated in district and sneak up on teams in the playoffs. They are my choice still as "The dark Horse ".
  10. Alright. Thanks. Was not positive on how that "would " play out "IF "...
  11. The way everyone is talking ..Ashland shouldn't even practice at all this week. They have this game already in the bag. They should just relax and watch film on J.C.
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