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  1. The thing for UK this year is they have the ATTITUDE that is needed to win games.
  2. Any more injury updates? I"M sure I will get crickets, but I tried.
  3. What / who determines top tier from the second tier? :popcorn:
  4. I'd like to hear from SK players and fans that had the pleasure of the sideline. Does it make a difference, or is it all hype of where the stands and sidelines come together? Bottom line, does it effect the game at all?
  5. Personally, I don't take running clocks seriously. Like many different things in football, there are too many variables to deal with to decide the final outcome. That's just me. Great to hear some things about both teams schedule. I want to give a shout out to all the people on BGP who do the update threads. We really enjoy keeping an eye on all the different games each week. Thanks!! :clap: One of the best play by play guys on BGP is CWB. Thanks!!!:thumb:
  6. Who plays a tougher schedule? I don't know, that's why I'm asking.
  7. Thanks, I just spit my drink out. :lol2: I COULD be the Pope, but I'm not.
  8. Any updates on Highlands Frosh team? Record, upcoming games etc etc? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Maybe not this year, but, yes, they have seen it in the past and have done very well. Just pull out the football history books, you might be surprised. Go Birds!
  10. What team(s) have you seen that have impressed you?
  11. The TV guys called it a blatant missed call. I really don't mind missed calls because they happen all the time. I go crazy when it happens in the open field and could change the out come of the game. The missed PI call qualified.
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