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  1. She was outstanding! The best part was after being hit on a try that she made she recovers the kick in the kickoff! " You Go Girl "
  2. 7 Fern Creek 5 Bishop Brossart 3 North Hardin 2 valley 1 Thomas Nelson TB North Hardin
  3. Might wanna look at team. Tougher the teams better he played. NB over 400 total yards 2 passing 3 rushing. S.O. Over 300 total yds 1 passing 1 rushing. Fairdale 400 plus 3 TDs. I get your point but you can't take away this kids performance based on schedule or team records. Not golf or tennis. I'm a little bias here I coached this kid in baseball and know what he did with what he had was pretty impressive! But it is what it is!
  4. 5A D3 Cameron Dukes leads 5A in passing over 2800 yds 21 TDs 1 INT over 500 Rshing 11 TDs. Guess they went with best player on best team!
  5. I watched it on the live sportscaster all I can say is WOW! 2 long passes in the last 1:30 great finish!
  6. Yes we do and it is basically the same.
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