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  1. To be more clear. The sending school has the option to "release" a transfer. If they do, that transfer can usually play immediately. Now, whether Augusta or Bracken (he lives in a spot where it's hard to tell which) have anything to say on the matter when it comes to Jake I can't say. But they almost never get involved unless the transfer is going from one to the other.
  2. Having been directly involved in a number of these, I'm going to have to disagree.
  3. Read my last post OGS, Mason County always blocks transfer eligibility and St. Pat never does. That is the only factor that practically, in real life, determines transfer eligibility. Not the rules on paper. Not where they live. Over the last decade Mason County has used a dozen or more kids who live in other counties. Fleming got Austin Crisp from Montgomery County with no delay. Augusta got Tanner Pugh with no delay. Montgomery County played the transfer game like it was their job a few years ago. Rowan County took Antrobus from PenCo a few years ago with no delay. In 2010 Scott County went to the final four when three of their four leading scorers had been at a different school just a year before. This is not anything new.
  4. St. Pat will most definitely be fielding a team this year. They will be young, but they are TOUGH kids with VERY high ceilings. Minor setback for a big comeback.
  5. I can give you all the very simple answer, and that's that St. Pat has a long-standing policy of not blocking the eligibility of kids who transfer away. And as long as the player's former school doesn't make a fuss then neither does the association.
  6. I want to thank coach Aaron Rigdon and St. Patrick High School for working so hard to get Paul King and Jack Condon into the Hall. It was long overdue. It was a honor to look up facts and figures for you guys and play a small part in finally getting these two absolute institutions the recognition they deserve.
  7. Well damn they play the semis on Saturday night now. The finals, I meant the finals :ohbrother:.
  8. I have genuinely been waiting my entire life to see a 10th region team that doesn't wear (only) blue and white playing in Rupp Arena on Sunday (or Saturday night) just for the sheer novelty of it.
  9. Part of me really, really wishes Dontaie had made the move to somewhere where he would have some help. Paris, GRC, Robertson or even, despite the healthy resentment I've built for the evil empire's success being fan of another Maysville area school, Mason County. Just so the classic 10th region could reclaim our beloved region title from those northern Kentucky heathens and the 10th region could claim another state championship banner.
  10. I can tell I'm getting old because I don't have every team memorized like I use to. What are y'all's thoughts on this? What can we expect from the upcoming season? What does the field look like?
  11. Not as easy as you may think, consider Bracken's 50's teams, audio is suspect, video is likely non-existent, and nobody on earth wants to listen to me just talk to people for 2 hours, and I can't use a narrator without anything to narrate.
  12. Also if we end up being able to do this first one and it goes over well, I'm not opposed to doing more of these. Schools like Bracken/Augusta, Fleming County, Paris/Bourbon, Brossart, and naturally for me St. Patrick; Figures like Chris Lofton, Darius Miller, Alvin Simms, Chirs Harrison, and Coach Feldhaus; as well as stuff like the history of the KHSAL, and the late 70s Fieldhouse mini-riot are what interest me in particular.
  13. Just got through speaking with Sumo, have tried to get things from Danny and Ron but they're both so in demand it's hard to pin them down if you don't know them that well, so for one reason or another it never happened. Even then I still need photos, film, audio, and personal interviews that they can't provide. It would have to come from the players themselves or their families. The material necessary to do this exists, the problem is that SOOOOO many different people have pieces of it. I made this post in the hopes that people would be into the idea and this would go somewhat viral. Then the people close to the people I need would get in their ears and convince them to help us out. So if anyone really would like to see a (admittedly smaller-budget) 30 for 30 style doc about what is imo the greatest rivalry in KHSAA history, I need you SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
  14. Allen is a bad man, but he's not a Calipari-era UK player. If Cal's people want him it's only so that nobody else can have him. Not saying there's no possible way he would ever eventually get clock, but they don't have any intention of giving it to him. And whatever he may say, Dontaie's not naive, he understands this. Just objectively, no personal bias to speak of, he's not skilled enough to play shooting guard at the level Cal expects, and he's too short to play power forward. And as good as he is I just can't see him getting time at small forward with people the caliber of Kelon Johnson and Reid Travis (for example) hanging around. The last Kentucky-born player to do so was Darius Miller who was three inches taller with worlds better ball-handling. They have already signed D.J. Jefferies the #10 small forward in that class and they are in talks with four other small forwards ranked in the top 10. Allen is currently #52 just for that position, overall he's in the 200s. Dontaie will be a good grab for most of the teams out there, and even at most of the ones where he wouldn't he could still settle into a nice contribution role, but for a program on Kentucky's level, of which there are at most a couple dozen, he would just be chaff to the wheat of the blue chip, five star, recruits. Cauley-Stein and Harrellson only pulled it off because they were both as big as a darn hotel, and as Enzo Amore would say "you can't teach that!"
  15. I have a good friend in film school. He and I are have been playing around with the idea of making a documentary about the Maysville/Mason County rivalry. Much of that would mainly depend on who we can get for on-camera interviews, but before we do anything I need to do some research and I seem have hit a wall. Thanks to our friend Danny Weddle I have access to every Mason County roster in history. The trouble is I have no statistics to tie to the names on those rosters. I have no way of knowing who the starters were. I have no information on individual game performances. I have no information on opponents' rosters. The situation get's worse with Maysville, as it is almost impossible to find a printed Bulldogs roster from before the mid-80s, let alone stats. I have been able to gather some basic details from Danny's blogs and the folks at 1. Home (great resource for KHSAA nerds), as well as other postings on BGP. But to even begin to unpack this near six decade long story I need season averages, box scores, position listings, height and weight listings, college information, the works for both teams as well as their key opponents. So here I begin the daunting task of compiling that information. I will also need plenty of still images, radio sound-bites, and digital copies of old game footage should any exist. If anyone has any of these things on your computer (or in hard copy that you can scan/transfer on to your computer) I would be forever grateful if you could send them to royalbulldog2018@gmail.com If you also happen to have friends and/or relatives in possession of same, I would be equally grateful if you would reach out to them via the Facebook and Twitter machine to pass along this message and encourage as many people as possible to contribute. There are no wrong answers. If it is in any way related to Maysville, Mason County, John G Fee, Orangeburg, Mayslick, Minerva, St. Patrick, or any of their key opponents and rivals, we are interested. If you do send photos, film, or audio please include a brief description (who, what, when, and where) so that we have context In closing I want it to be known that my reverence for this historic rivalry is absolute. I grew up in Maysville and was raised on stories of these legendary encounters. It is to me, more than anything, what makes our area unique. So if/when we do go ahead with this project, I guarantee that we will be 100% dedicated to making sure this story is told the right way and (as much as possible) by people who were there to witness it.
  16. Right to the chase then, fair enough. St. Pat has had a target on our back since I was in the 6th grade. Ref's do play favorites. Ref's do protect certain players. This is a fact. if you aren't aware of this you don't pay enough attention or you're one of the teams getting protected. St. Pat is rarely if ever on the winning side of that equation. And there is nothing you can say to change the fact that St. Pat would've beaten Nicholas if it weren't for terrible calls in the final minute. Throw as much snark my way as you like. This isn't changing. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::puke:
  17. Hey it's none of our faults that the sky is falling in the land of Royalty. But we'll all be more than happy to beat them.
  18. Here is my favorite one. I think every sports fan needs to read Thompson. Fear and Loathing at the Super Bowl - Rolling Stone
  19. Read Rolling Stone sports articles from the 1970s written by Hunter Thompson for the reference :jump:
  20. Honestly just thankful my school's not located on School St. :clap:
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