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  1. It was a closely contested game throughout with mini-runs on both sides. Turnovers and ill-timed fouls were HHS's Achilles heel tonight. The deciding play of the game was the phantom foul on Sisson's put back that I thought was going to be an "and-one". Instead they called a foul on Sisson on the box out (got to admit I didn't see one) and Newport hit two free throws and held on to win. I have seen Newport twice now and am impressed with their deliberate approach to the game. Best of luck in Region to both teams. Either of these teams could take the title- as could a few others. Should be fun!
  2. Congrats to all the boys recognized! Ben "Teddy" Sisson is a very deserving winner.
  3. One of the most impressive shooting performances I've seen in HS. The goal was YYUUUGGGEE for Ryan tonight. Congrats Birds!
  4. I saw HHS play Boone and Ryle early season. Has Boone added someone or made significant changes? I would have suspected Ryle to run away and hide in this one.
  5. That was a great high school game last night. Newport's poise, decision-making, and shot selection impressed. The Wildcats are a well-coached squad, provided Snapp doesn't stroke out on the sidelines. He provides some entertainment for sure. For HHS, Big Ben Sisson continues to provide the toughness and competitive spark to propel them through the year. Playing him off Tahj Harding to keep him out of foul trouble was a good move. Unfortunately, he still picked up his third foul midway through the 3rd qtr which kept him sidelined for 4+ minutes to finish the quarter. Look forward to big things from both of these teams this year.
  6. Newport dominated the glass and points in transition last year. Birds will need to board and get back on D this time around. If they play tough, which this group will, Birds by 7 at home IMHO.
  7. Very nice summation of this game ColonelMike. The turnovers against OC's press were difficult to watch. It looked to be a 2-1-2 press being employed by OC. You don't see that set up as often these days as the 2-2-1. If HHS ball-handlers were more poised and kept their eyes down court, they could have attacked the press and picked up easy buckets. I would have liked to see a ball-handler in the middle of the press offense. Oh well, the Birds will get their chance at revenge as OC comes to HHS in early February.
  8. Should be a really good high school game. IMHO- Camels by 4.
  9. A home game with a lineup full of seniors should prove too much for St. Henry. Having missed the Cov Cath game, I'm hoping to see another big crowd of rowdy high school kids cheering on the Birds, but I doubt they bring the same fervor. Go Birds!
  10. The Newport game could be the most telling and is the most important game of the three.
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