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  1. He has nice hair! Lol Here's another question if his last name wasn't Stoops and didn't have the football heritage would he get another year? I'm just disappointed this year thought we would be at a better spot this point in the season. Next year the motto could be #highhopes
  2. Lol well that about covers it all. Best post I've seen in awhile.
  3. As much as i like to see him lose especially by my cats still hate to see him go.
  4. Isn't that the truth lol. After the heartbreak at the swamp last year I see payback coming. Good luck to my cats I'm pumped already for the game!
  5. Greenups o-line did great last night. There were holes you could drive a Mac truck through. Why run pass plays when they can't stop the run , I'll never know. We let Lawrence county off the hook last night cause of play calling.
  6. The cats are looking mighty fine. Can't wait till Saturday im already pumped.
  7. Greenup was beat by the Rams line on both sides of the ball. Was the worst line play by them i have seen this year. Congrats to the Rams till next year lol.
  8. They had enough for a team but the prior coach canceled their games to concentrate on varsity. Bunch of them quit because they practiced all the time an didn't see a second of field playing time. That's how we ended with that small of a class which has hurt the overall program.
  9. Don't forget the lemonade shake ups. I can't pass one of those stands up.
  10. We will not drop football we're in a slump okay a deep slump. Everyone affiliated with football knew this was coming. Our previous coach ran off alot of talent. We do need some changes. I like coach Mullins he's a mentor to those players and a class act. I hope he can win a couple next year. We play Grant this Friday if we lose that one it'll be another winless season.
  11. That game was awful. We gave up 4 scores in first quarter. As far as middle school their pretty good atleast till they get to high school.
  12. Yes they are but they played hard the entire game. We start alot of sophomores on both sides of the ball. It's sad to say but were a JV team playing a Varsity schedule.
  13. Greenup didn't want to drop Raceland it was that fool Copley. Glad he's gone.
  14. Leave my muskies out of it. Save the low blows for the devils. Russell will get us this year but we'll have their number for the next two then they'll drop us.
  15. Theres no place like home theres no place like home.
  16. I've got the best butt I don't care what you guys think.
  17. Alright I need to hold it together If I'm going to make it outta here alive.
  18. Boyd county defense looked pretty good. GC well what do I say I give up.
  19. What's really bad I use to hope to win now I just pray my muskies score.
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