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  1. I do not play or coach in the games so I will not get a win or loss this week. I will support the Raiders and support them on thursday night.
  2. You are not a WE when referring to the Raiders. You would not know how to be positive, it does not keep threads going so you can see your Name in lights so very often.
  3. No one said a phantom call beat them. Simply stated it was a terrible call and they made a couple mistakes that could have made the final score closer. You are the person who got picked over in school and probably have been picked over in coaching also which has led to you being the most negative poster on bluegrass preps. HOP and Trenchmaster post their opinions but are constructive and positive in their posts. These are kids that you put in a negative light so often, it would do you some good to think of that. Even if you put all blame on coaches it still comes back on players also.
  4. They played good for three quarters but have to learn to play all four quarters. They did not stop playing hard and put themselves in position to make it interesting until they shot themselves in the foot with the fumble on the one yard line.
  5. From what I know of the practice schedule they are there from 3:00 -5:30 everyday. You shouldn't make statements like that on this forum and make it look like the staff is not doing anything to get the kids better each and every week. Yes you were trying to be negative by making a false statement of the length of time the team is practicing.
  6. You have 9 of 13 posts. I agree with Trenchmaster, let it go. The team and staff will get ready for Casey Co. and will work hard to get a win this week.
  7. Too many mistakes with penalties when they do something positive. Line play is good, have to get help from WR's and backs blocking downfield for whole play. WR's have to start helping QB who is starting to make plays.
  8. Raiders need to score. Very simple. Defense had a really good game again but not enough offense to help out.
  9. Just want to say also that the right man was picked for the job.:ylsuper:
  10. Good job Raiders. Keep up the good work players and coaches!!!!!! Sounds like you won with class also; thats true sportsmanship not running up the score. This program is in good hands. Just need the community to get more behind this team. That didn't offend you H.O.P!!!
  11. You could have worded things a little different!!!! I dont know what your problem is with this coaching staff? Theres more experiance football wise than you or the house of pain ever had what was your resume when you started the program? or yours house of pain is, there a grudge ??????
  12. come on cell king it was close all the way to the end !!!!!
  13. Thanks for your vast knowledge Cell King.....
  14. Good job raiders , and a well done job by the coaching staff of coach Smith, this was a great way to end the year. Get in the weight room and get ready for next year!!!!!
  15. 32 at practice today and all the kids were all positive about getting in the weight room and looking to a great season next year. I am proud of those guys and the coaching staff. I hope everyone stays positive for next year because it can be a good one!!!!
  16. LOLOLOLO !!!!!! He Is in full support of the program now I here. Thats how you get things done, by getting the right people on board. Robs a great guy ,Glad you brought that up
  17. The right guy is there, Don't worry about the future of the program. Enjoy the ride raider nation good things are going to happen!!!! He has the spunk and football know how to take central to the next level. I don't think anyone else could have done a better job.
  18. Good luck Bell Co. and good luck in the future to the raiders; you are in good hands there.
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