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  1. What about the pasting SK will give Highlands first game of basketball season in there middle school gym (The cake dome)? All the cakes will boycott that thread.
  2. I think they went over that fine line with trying to bolster there program with tough teams and it's going to hurt this year. You thought it was bad last year against Colerain, this year will be even worse. Think they will be much improved in 2 years. Don't know if the coach survives that long though. Fans in Union can be impatient sometimes.
  3. Just repeating what the state website states.
  4. Agreed, remember the days when there district touched the Gallitin Co. line? And every year BC's O-line reminded me of the old Nebraska O-lines.
  5. Seen where there roster has only 24 players. Not believing anything about naussbaum till I see him in street clothes. Hope for him he comes back soon. Erdman is a major threat every time he touches the ball. Roster only counts SR. and Jr.'s.
  6. From what I'm hearing, Ryle has serious O-line issues. I'll take Henry Clay by 2 TD's.
  7. Boone Co has changed to a more urban type high school I think with the way the area has turned over. 25 years or so ago BC had a total different student makeup.
  8. Was very impressed with Danville's team. Athletic and well coached. Don't know much about Boyle Co. but to be up on any Highlands team like that means something. I don't know who is on Danville's side of the 2A bracket but I believe they can get to Bowling Green.
  9. Just hope he(QB) can start living up to your expectations. Does starting 9 sophs and a QB who was barely 15 have anything to do with it? Praying the young man goes 24-24 for 350 yds and 7 TD's . Really, really hope none of our starting offensive lineman gets hurt because of the great job there doing and how THIN SK is at that position.
  10. Would love to know how SK would get down to 700 if there at 875 now. Independence isn't exactly shrinking.:lol:
  11. I bet Cooper wins there district and makes a decent run in the playoffs.
  12. Trying to say is if you have these transfer issues with Trinity, X, Beechwood, Holy Cross, Newcath, or Highlands. The state has got your back!
  13. :lol::lol: This site is definately regressing........Carry on.:laugh:
  14. In Ft. Thomas there's not people or business willing to donate to to help the cause?
  15. A lot of these guys should have went ahead and turned the gun on themselves. That scared of a dog? :isurrender:
  16. Did they ask for a "do-over" ?? I guess SK was at midseason form with all the bugs worked out.:popcorn: Fuuny stuff how guys can twist stuff to make there "little-big" school look TOUGH.
  17. A ton more than( Zeke Pike) the chosen one will EVER get in the SEC.:dancingpa
  18. Think Campbell from Holy Cross should have made the big list.
  19. Just them 2? What about Riley Brnes, he plays in the 8th??
  20. Can't speak for Sweeney or Spradlin, but coaches have been helping Mosely drop weight since his freshman year. Use your own judgement when you see Walling he looks very big....Have a nice day.
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