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  1. This will definitely be a new experience for Coach Weinrich. Best of luck! I hope he has success there.
  2. Clay County’s program has probably improved as much as any in the state over the last couple of seasons and looks like it’s going to continue that trend.
  3. My thoughts exactly! I just didn't want to say it.
  4. Hate to hear this for Coach Duncum, great guy!
  5. Great player! Looking for big things out of this kid.
  6. Tough to say about a guy that had nothing but success during his time there. Must have been doing something right, Bracken's district was probably tougher during his years there than it ever was in the past. Who is McClanahan and why would he be a better option for the Royals? I sense that is really what you are trying to say by reading your posts. Is either even interested?
  7. Who is this guy? What's his coaching experience?
  8. I could see Bracken begin a slide back to reality this season. They have an outstanding running back but the question will be the pieces around him.
  9. That's the up and down life of small school athletics, hopefully the Eagles have a good year!
  10. That's the downfall of the option if you don't have more than one cat to run it.
  11. To say Boyle County has won titles without D1 talent is simply ludicrous. Jacob Tamme Seth Tamme Brandon Smith Bobby Leffew Travis Leffew Lamar Dawson Will Bramel Jeffrey Duggins, Mr. Football Rees Macshara Boone Goldsmith Zach Hester The better question is have they won a title without a division one player? And I may be missing several. They've had more talent come through than most can dream of. While I do give the staff there credit those guys had some things you simply can't coach.
  12. I think what Dudley done is definitely hall of fame worthy. He has won at the highest level and sustained statewide success at programs that were basically essentially nothing before he arrived. Taylor County shouldn't be a blemish, the guy was there for two and a half years and was better every year he was there. How much could really be expected in that time frame?
  13. How many wins would those guys have at Jenkins, Phelps, etc? Its a multitude of things and one could never say this guy or that guy is absolutely the best.
  14. Schedule was probably done before the whole Dudley deal came about.
  15. You hit the nail on the head there! From what I have seen of their offense the last few years that's all it is.
  16. IMO, those long two a day practices are quantity over quality. No way a 16 year old kid stays focused that long. At some point it becomes just going through the motions.
  17. I think you have to have a little of both. You can be a physical team but your speed has to be in at least ball park of an opponent or vice versa, can be extremely fast but if you won't block or tackle anybody it probably won't matter much.
  18. If a kid is playing a 6 and is up in a two that kid is probably pretty dang good! Is it an every down stance or pass situations?
  19. I agree if you're talking more air raid type spread. Running spread, not really, why do you think so? Still going to be very simple pass concepts with probably a mix of a few run schemes up front. Other than that what makes it that different from any other running offense? You run into some issues if you live and die in 10 personnel and you get that 7 man box on defense that forces your hand, but that's with any offense when they put more in there than you can block you either have to be able to exploit something on the perimeter or bring a TE into the game.
  20. I am saying maybe half. They just don't serve a purpose in my opinion.
  21. I think any offense can be tweaked. I personally believe in high school you need to be run first most of the time. Spread, Wing T, Wishbone, etc. it's all the same in what you are trying to accomplish. If I have some stud backs and a some kids that can get off the ball I will run Power in the spread. If I am a Wing T or I guy and have those same kids then Power from those sets. Formations are just where you stand, not what you do. I think that gets lost in translation sometimes for a lot of people.
  22. I would say teams in most areas of the state still see fullback and TE type personnel on most weeks. Even in college ball now most teams are circling back around and including fullbacks and TE's back into their "spread" offenses.
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