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  1. Compare Nutter to the Craft center and you have your answer guys...as far as facilities go, there is your answer.
  2. I've still yet to hear a realistic successor to Joker. I'll stake my job on the fact that it will not be Petrino...he has no desire to be at UK...he will probably be the next UT coach. Leach is out West and I think he is a horrible hire...so, if we fire Joker, who do we get that is an upgrade?
  3. I'd say Oregon would have something to say about that...
  4. Maci Morris could be sensational when it is all said and done. Has some serious bloodlines...mother and father, aunts and uncles and cousins all played college ball. I've heard great things about her work ethic and her ability. Seems to be headed in the right direction.
  5. Here is how I would TRY to arrange the batting order: Ichiro Jeter Bonds Pujols Griffey, Jr Schmidt Pudge Alomar
  6. I can only go from about 1980 to present day since i'm only 38. C - Pudge 1B - Pujols 2B - Alomar SS - Jeter 3B - Schmidt RF - Ichiro CF - Griffey, Jr LF - Bonds RHP - Clemons LHP - Randy Johnson RP - Rivera
  7. Also, i think Duncan is fantastic, but Chuck was a top 10 player in my mind.
  8. I can only go on who I've seen....and my goodness that is still tough if I remove biases. PG - Magic SG - Jordan SF - James PF - Sir Charles C - Olajuwon You could shake it up and put Bird at PF. I kept it to wht they actually are listed at. James has to be in there over Bird regardless of how bad I don't want him to be.
  9. Rondo was chosen ahead of Paul. I listed them in order of playing position, not draft order. It went LBJ, Durant, Howard, Bynum, Rondo, and then Paul. I probably should have went Rondo after he selected Howard. Bynum would have been there later. That was my mistake.
  10. My friend and I were watching the Heat/Pacers game last night and had a "draft" with all NBA players available. Which team do you like best for the next 5 years? Team 1 Team 2 Paul Rondo Wade Parker Durant Lebron Love Chandler Bynum Howard Westbrook Rose Cousins Ibaka
  11. You can see the skill the kid has. The throw from LF was perfect, the swing is text book. He even sounded like a 10 year vet. There will be a lot more downs than ups I'd say this year, but he can play.
  12. I know of the '72 Olympics, but not sure of this reference? I'm scratching my head with curiousity.
  13. TJones and Teague will go higher...Barnes lower. Lamb will not be drafted by the Orlando Magic unless it is to trade him.
  14. Great debate and been a good read. My gut tells me '96 UK would beat '12 UK, but PP has made me consider HOW MUCH of a game changer Davis really is. I love the early 90's UNLV teams and '92 Duke are in my top 5 as well. Maybe i'm forgetting it, but I considered '05 UNC better than '09. I try to not be biased (hate UNC more than anyone), but I just don't have a lot of love for '06 and '07 Florida. Maybe it is just me. Repeating is so tough, I get it, but I just think they hit at the right time. Great teams, but not in my top 5. '07 may be pushing it though.
  15. Said it two months ago and wont change my mind...they are all gone. Get used to it. If they are going to be drafted in the 1st round Cal will push them out the door and recruit another group.
  16. I think Barnes will be an average NBA player. 3rd option at best. I also wouldn't be surprised if McAdoo leaves too.
  17. I think Davis, Lamb, Jones, MKG, and Teague all leave as well as Miller of course. Wiltjer, Harrow and a new crew of frosh will be our team next year.
  18. Wear it with pride and have fun. I know this has been a bittersweet basketball season for you.
  19. It is to a small handful of us...I wish it were to more.
  20. I'm a casual observer to the hs bball thread, but it appears most comments on here are aimed at ridiculing the Generals so it isn't surprising this wasn't mentioned sooner.
  21. I was hard on Rivers during the first month, however he is a gamer! We sometimes forget these guys are frosh...Rivers is good. He is a HUGE part of Duke's success. Zeller...wow, what a bad ending for a kid that started out amazing.
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