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  1. The Paducah Sun was reporting today that Murray was breaking its huddles late in the game by yelling 'state champs' or the like.
  2. Lone Oak 42 - Reidland 14 with 5 minutes left in the 1st half.
  3. Reidland muffs a punt. LO takes over at the Reidland 12 and scores. LO 35 - Reidland 14.
  4. Lone Oak 28 - Reidland 14 with a few seconds in the 1st quarter.
  5. Lightning delay over. Lone Oak 28 - Reidland 7. One minute remaining in 1st quarter.
  6. Bosse up 35-7 with 5:30 left in third quarter.
  7. Murray 28 - Calloway Co. 0 with 2:00 remaining in the first half.
  8. Evansville Bosse 28 - Marshall Co. 7 at the half. The game has been delayed by lightning for at least 30 minutes. New flashes being reported.
  9. Murray 14 - Calloway 0 with 7:20 left in first half. Calloway is driving in Murray territory. Tyrell Willis is not playing.
  10. Looks like some heavy stuff moving through Mason Co on the radar.
  11. Didn't he also play for Wurtland at one time or is that bad info?
  12. Highlands v Beechwood Mayfield v Paducah Tilghman (although more of a tempest in a teapot in recent years.) Prestonsburg v Breathitt Co. St. X v Lexington Catholic Crittenden Co. v Hopkins Central
  13. I was surprised most at: (1) The margin of the Bowling Green/Christian County game; (2) JC losing and (3) Mason Co. over Danville.
  14. For whatever reason PT was a different team after Powell's injury. Tilghman was in it until the final play. Overall, it was a night of poor offensive execution for PT and 8 penalties.
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