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  1. Not sure what some posters are basing the good/great coach comments on for the Camel's last coach. The kicking game were squib kicks all year. Ray Charles could read the offense, and the defense was (like most other Highlands guys) is what Mueller ran when he played there, but without the personnel. All very vanilla. His strong points are that he is a great young man that promotes loyalty to the team and school. I don't think that experience is that important for the new coach(as coaches can be very bad for a long time). Personally would love to see Coach Mason next/this year.
  2. Never heard of this guy before, but after the shock of Lickert leaving the way he did I was hoping for someone close to program to take over.
  3. First of all it's offensive and defensive linemen. Most of the games I've watched this year were in NKY and being my star is a defensive tackle I've watched some very fine offensive lineman play. Problem there I've never heard their names
  4. It seems to me that Eastern has a stingy defense. Camels will have to get their passing game on to keep the Eagles from keying on Dowds, and keep their best defense on the field if they want to play next week. Also interesting is the 6 6A NKY teams are playing 6 6A Jefferson county area teams(- Trinity & X)
  5. If that happens where would it be played?
  6. I wouldn't overlook coach Borchers or the Cooper team in this one. When is the last time the Camels have won on a grass field. I'm rooting for the camels but don't see Cooper falling that far in one year.
  7. Camels got homered this game big time. First cakeater td camel defender was horse collered by #65 in front of the line judge. Pick six block in the back they pick up the flag??? I saw it, it happened. No way CCHS should have lost this game but they did.
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