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  1. All you have to do is look back over the past 25 years or so to know what to expect from the Bell/Corbin match-up. Throw records out the window. Sure there will be a talent edge by one team or the other on a given year, but it will be one that the fans and players will be sure to enjoy. My biggest disappointment when looking at the Hounds schedule is not seeing North Laurel. I feel like Coach Larkey has his team on the rise so I'm suprised he dropped Corbin.
  2. Sometimes it's more important to let the hiring process take its course than to break a story. That's the difference between a journalism and a rumor mill.
  3. Look for the Jags to pull off a suprise here....Brad Sizemore will wind up coaching at North while they duke it out over politics at South.
  4. I hope you're right....who's it gonna be? Use that crystal ball you have give us you Fear"Les" prediction.
  5. Great job...but lots of politics (as is the case for most schools in this area). I think they would be crazy not hire Sizemore. With that in mind, look for M. Vernon or Parrot to get the job.
  6. Sorry I misspoke. However, they should have won the district. Opportunities when both of the perennial favorites are down are few and far between.
  7. 18-10 isn't all that bad. However, the failure to make it to the Regional Tournament in one of the few years where Whitley should have been better than both Corbin and South is.
  8. Yes they did. However, it was a vast underachievment based on the strength of the District last year. Let's be honest...Whitley should have won the District. Corbin and South were both down from previous years and Whitley should have had one of their better teams in recent memory.
  9. Congrats to Coach Wright. Expect to see SW in contention as long as he's there. Also, write it down....Brad Sizemore will be the next Head Coach at SL.
  10. Coach Baker has been relieved of his duties as Head Coach at Whitley County. Interesting day in the 13th Region...Perhaps the "Best" and "Worst" Head Coaches won't be on the sidelines for their respective former schools.
  11. Congrats to Bobcats....represent the 13th well!!!
  12. None. Rains will be leading a team in Central Ky next year.
  13. I'm taking the Dogs...Bulldogs that is. The Hounds are a year or so away from being a state power again. On the other hand, Hazard has a great shot at making it to Bowling Green.
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