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  1. Good game by the Colonels, pitching was solid, even with the two errors. It was not the effort at the plate I excepted but like my mother used to say 1 is a good as a 100, and 6-1 fits the bill as the Colonels wen their fourth in a row, and move to 2-0 in the district.
  2. Ted Clifford was basicly untouchable for the Colonels tonight. Only two or three base runners (an error and a walk may have been it) with one base runner eliminated in a nice double play. Barton for Williamsburg pitched well but could not keep up with the Colonels. I was suprised to see Moses in the game in the 7th. I figured they would have to use him tomorrow at WCHS. Now the Colonels have seen him and hit him. Who will take the mound for the Jackets in the game tomorrow at the County? I would guess Dave Rose will pitch for Whitley.
  3. Actually I think it was 7-0 through 6 innings, Whitley was still batting with two outs after scoring 5 in the 7th inning when the game was called since Williamsburg could not hold onto the ball and the College softball game continued. Good Job Colonels.
  4. The Big Blue Nation has lost a great one. Prayers to his family, friends, and fans.
  5. Everything is quite in Colonel Country, what has been brewing on the Boulevard of Champions? Jim Black coming up with anything new? We have not heard anything since spring practice ended.
  6. That Jim/Chris Everett snip is the best/funniest thing I have seen. Both guys painted into a cornor and both making good on it. You gotta respect Rome for calling him Chris a third time and Jim for putting the smackdown on him. Although Rome looking more like the girl in that one, not even fighting back....
  7. All is fair in Love, War and Basketball, or at least what Sandy Bell will allow.... GO CATS!!!!!!:dancingpa
  8. You could say that about any coach at any level. You cannot quantify what has not happened.
  9. I disagree, to a certain extent. They are there to report, the Lex Her, has for the most part always tried to exert the opinions of their staff writers on the readers. Not only that they ALWAYS take an adversariel postion when it comes to University of Kentucy athletics. Mark Story is trying to bring smoke where there is no fire. As far as being a watch dog, UK has Sandy Bell and the NCAA for that postion. Be newpaper or be an extended arm of the NCAA, don't try and do both. Although I guess it goes back to the old addage, "if it bleeds it leads" and it appears that the only way that the Lex Her can sell papers in this day and age of the world wide web is to try deride the University of Kentucky athletic department.
  10. I agree that they should not be cheerleaders, but do they have to be the watch dogs? Go to Knoxville and read the New Sentinel they are defenders and leave the detractors to the morons. I like the way they defend the Vols, which makes me even madder when I read the Lex Her......
  11. With the 6 degrees of seperation I am sure he has Kentucky connections, in fact he was a GA at Cumberland College now University of the Cumberlands under Randy Vernon.
  12. DTA; good advice. I think I will take it. I do agree that they could not have made this move without having something going with someone.
  13. University of Kentucky Basketball 1903-2009 RIP :cry::cry::cry: It was fun while it lasted
  14. ......................Don't put anything past Mitch Burnthebarndown and Dr. (Frankenstien) Todd.
  15. Egad!!!! I just could not bear seeing him painted all in blue for a Kentucky womens game....I know he did it at UT but at least WE did not have to look at it.
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