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  1. Hopefully, From what I was told he had become a different player in the new system and unguardable. If he is out, they turn to a freshman last name Huber, don't know first name.
  2. Apparently Bracken's point guard has been out for over a week and this has changed the landscape of the team. ACL injury is the rumor, if so Bracken goes from dangerous team to mediocre at best,
  3. What does Russell have coming back, should they be good, I seen they only won 3 games last season. Bracken County plays a home scrimmage on November 20th against a team from Ohio for Polar Bear 1994
  4. What do they got coming back, and where are they scrimmaging, are they in the Harrison County Scrimmage again this year.
  5. I really dont see them being able to do much.
  6. Mason Co. has some very talented players coming up that could be at the top in a few years.10th grade players Neil Pawset that saw quite a few minutes last season and Tregg Setty.Things should be interesting this year and for a few more to come.I personally have not seen the UK signee play but I will base my opinion after I see him right now I think that Russ Middleton is pretty tough,he really shined in the St.tourney last year!!!!
  7. Russ Middleton should be one of the top players this year hands down no questions asked!!!!!
  8. Personally I hate the tourney not being at the fieldhouse! The fieldhouse is 10th region basketball at its finest! I am so tired of hearing everyone preach oh Mason County has homecourt advantage every year. Did they in 2007??? Seems like to me that they lost and I can count a whole lot of other years that they lost too! No matter who is in the finals and no matter where it is played I will be there but the fieldhouse is a piece of history in the 10th region, maybe it should get inducted into the hall of fame in 09!!!! haha
  9. Give me a break some people can be so jealous of the talent Mason Co produces!!!!!!Like it has been said before TRADITION NEVER GRADUATES!!!!!!!!!!!:jump:
  10. :scared::scared::scared::scared::scared:OK maybe the middle school has talent so what happens at the next level why arent they winning??????Bracken Co should be a contender for a regional tournement apperence!!!!!Look give the man a chance let him coach his first game or even conduct his first practice before you send him out of Brooksville on 2 wheels!!!!!!!!!!!Change is good this guy is young and has nothing but heart when it comes to the game!!!!So lets see what happens and then you can make your choice whether you like him or not.I was just wondering have you met him???????Thats what I thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Must really being doing some heavy research on Coach Breeze to take the time to look on WKU website to see if he has ever been paided WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!In all honesty has Bracken County had a great season here in the recent years????Has the middle school produced talent????????Give the man a chance who knows maybe he will come in and change things around to where they could be a contender to advance to the region. When was the last time that happened?????Not in the last couple of years!!!!!!!The school and site base must have thought he was qualified to give him the job but before we pass judgement on him at least give him a chance!!!!!!!!
  12. Deron Breeze a former associate coach at Western Kentucky University has been named the Bracken County head Boys baskeball coach as of tonight.He is originally from Maysville but relocated in his teenage years to the Western Ky area.He played basketball at Barren County in Glasgow were he graduated from and he went on to play ball at a few different jucos.He has also been hired as a teacher in the school district.His family is originally from Mason Co. he is the brother-in-law to the University of Louisville and European basketball player Alvin Sims.Good luck !!!!!!!
  13. Yes please enlighten us all!!!!!!!It has been on the ledger website and courtside with Danny Wedle whats up????
  14. Just read the Ledger on-line and there was a article in the sports section announcing the new asst. so guess it is a done deal after all.
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