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  1. GRC was runnerup in their district and lost key players, Bourbon Co. won the district and return 8 starters. Talking about no resect, who picks these polls?
  2. Jacoby did struggle in a few save attempts, but had a good winter getting stronger, he'll be a key stopper for BO CO this season The little Lefty, Seth Robertson also had a good winter he's gotten stronger and has put some weight on also, pound for pound a tough kid.
  3. BO CO has Lefty Ruppard and Frosh Mullins, Soph's Norman and Clark that have really worked in the off season, They also have a transfer from Sayre, Gaines. Harrison beat BO CO at home early last year but it wasn't a blow out they were ahead until the 4th inning. They beat Harrison summer team 2X this summer with Robertson on the mound, but I wouldn't put them in the top 2 of the 10th but they shouldn't be overlooked.
  4. Poynter can only hope this is her last year, seems like you are close to this situation like myself. It is just an outrage, the kids just don't get a chance to experience the excitement of a good football program as I did in high school. You have so many Bo Co parents and supporters worried about what might happen to their child if they speak out against her or the Board, it's just a cryin shame, shame on the them. It is very hard to get excited about the program with the history of her views on how sport teams should be at the high school level. Again GOOD LUCK COACH AND THE PLAYERS, you have some great supporters behind you
  5. We all here at BO CO wish coach Poynter the best and want him to have success hear, but if you haven't been in this system you have no idea how bad it is. I know that Poynter is asking for alot of upgrade to the equipment, uniforms, etc, but believe me the honeymoon will be short. He will get little to no help from the wicked witch of the Board :puke: (Lana Fryman) she dosen't care for any sports program at BO CO. If that isn't bad enough the parents remaining in the program will put Poynter to the test, I've also have been around several programs good and bad but I would love to see a situation at another school worse than BO CO. But again I wish Coach Poynter the best, he has some great kids to work with here.
  6. Poynter is the Defensive guy, Barnes is QB coach, Marshall is one line coach but don't know who will help him, and the rest I haven't heard, but the assts. coming back except for Wilson have little experience, and if Barnes son Taylor wasn't there I don't believe he would be either. I would think this will be a one year staff for Poynter, he will clean house next year.
  7. Bourbon County only lost 1 senior last season and returns 8 starters that won the district last year. Still will have a big hurdle to size up with Harrison, but should be the front runner in the district.
  8. Wes Tipton has been mentioned as a possibility, who I'm not familar with, but all the coaches from last years staff is back except for Shawn Ranson and Rob Massie. BC must not have any teaching positions open for Poynter to bring in anyone. Out of the coaches returning he only has one that can help him the rest need to get some more experience, they were no help to Rick Massie. Good Luck Coach Poynter, I wish you all the best, you'll going to need it at BC ( asst coaches, parents, and Lana Fryman ) This has to be your biggest challenge as far as the above 3 mentioned problems Massie had. But you do have several great young men to work with in the returning players
  9. Hope so for the players, but he has no idea what he is getting for at BO CO. He better have a contract longer than 3 yrs or he'll be out like Coach Massie, he will win a few games due to the schedule Coach Massie had lined up for the up coming season.
  10. My understanding is that all Fall Sports Coaching positions @ BO CO were posted on Dec. 8th, still not 30 days. That's how the bunch works, they tell Massie they would let him know in Jan after he went to them after the Lex Cath game, so then they go and post the job and hire Poynter before firing Massie. What a classless Admin.
  11. She came back and now is the Asst AD, Sosby is the AD, both have done a great job at BO CO, and both supported Massie and voted to keep Massie
  12. Heard they will announce new coach this Sunday, after he talks to the players. Don't have a name but with the superintendent making the calls there is no tell who she has hired.
  13. AD won't hire the next coach, that will be decided by the sorry admin ( Lana Fryman ):irked:
  14. Big Mistake ! But not a suprise when you are dealing with the Admin and Board at BO CO. They are just SORRY. I know he is dissappointed but I admire him for wanting to stay in that sorry situation. :irked:
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