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  1. The coach definetly knows the game of baseball, he played for a good college program and actually was an assistant coach at the college level last year. I think you might want to question the umpires knowledge of the game; the first pitch of the game was a curve ball that bounced in front of the plate and was called a strike. Also i dont think it is wise for an umpire to bring his 13 yr old son to the game and have him sit in the stands where he will have to listen to people question his fathers calls. This umpire usually does a great job behind the plate, but he was looking in the stands after every pitch to check on his child. I couldnt bring my child to work and be productive. Bottom line....the umpire was not focused on the game and it showed.
  2. He throws 75, 77 a best, no disrespect he's a great young man but that's his limit
  3. No scene was made !! There was one comment made on a bad call, that was one of many! Nothing rude, personal, or out of line what so ever. The coaches handled themselves professionally which is more than I can say for that umpire who was completely out of line for throwing a coach out for something like that!! Bourbons Athletic Director was in attendance, right beside Bourbons dugout and witnessed No bad conduct on behalf of the coaching staff. My congrats to the bc baseball team on a very good season. Also best of luck to Scott in the remainer of the tourney!
  4. The schedule doesn't show rainouts with teams like Estill CO., and also doesn't show the number of times they tried to reschedule those games, especially the Mont. CO. one. Bourbon County had a great season this year, say what you want about the schedule , but I sure wish you would check your teams before you talk about others.Great year BO. CO.
  5. Just to let you know the child in the stands was the umpires son. No one got into it with him they simply ask him to refrain from his fowl mouth:ohbrother:
  6. Which bourbon pitcher are you refering to:confused:
  7. Who do you think Bourbon will pitch? Who do you think the Bbreds will pitch? That could make all the difference in the team that wins.
  8. Have you seen bo co pitching this year I think you will be very surprised.
  9. Anyone giving Bourbon a chance. They played a solid game against GRC and they really seem to get the job done when they need too. Wonder who they will pitch ?
  10. Anyone know about Bourbon pitchers? I hear that the Jacoby kid is doing well thus far. Any news there?
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