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  1. Great feedback. I sincerely appreciate everything that has been posted. This helps get me oriented to the kids from each team. Also good insight of which games are expected to be the best match-ups. I'll be at all games, so I will not miss any of the action. I cant wait to see Harmon, he must be an incredible athlete.
  2. Hey All: I've not been on BGP much since the young'uns graduated a few years back, and didn't get to take in many HS games this year due to other commitments. But I will be taking my annual pilgrimage to the "Greatest Show in Hoops" next week, and would like some input on teams/players to watch. Who are the top players to watch this year, and what team do they play for? Who has committed to D1 colleges, and what college? All input appreciated. And I feel quite confident that "this is my year" to with the Lucky Row Ice Cream Challenge. I don't think I can handle another year of disappointment!!
  3. I actually thought the officiating was pretty poor. Not helping one team or the other, but poor overall. One ref in particular. Great game, evenly matched teams. The team with the best player won, and he made a whale of a shot to win the game. Coach Fro may be my new favorite coach. I have always liked and respected him. Even more now.
  4. I always have a hard time with these conspiracy theories. Just don't buy it......typically they don't make much sense. If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.
  5. You forgot one: Did the recording get transported to the administration via black helicopter after midnight!!
  6. Same here. They will need to deal with a boss that does things they don't like or agree with some day. They need to acquire the nerve, motivation, and skills to have this conversation. It's a part of the growing up process.
  7. I'm with you on this. I don't necessarily have an issue with a coach cursing around kids - its not a deal-breaker for me personally. There are cases where I might object based upon the context, use, and intent of its use. But typically not. However, I do think that a coach should be held to a relatively high standard. I do think that there should be "off-limits" words at the high school level. There really is just no reason to use them - they wouldn't be tolerated in the office, in the hallways, or in the classroom. Its seems they are not accepted anywhere but the court and the locker room - should they be??? Today's coach needs to be smarter and chose their words more effectively. I have absolutely NO issue with a coach being hard on kids, or with a coach yelling and screaming. Some of the best coaches I had when I was a kid were big-time in-your-face screamers. But I don't remember any of them using any of the "7-words you cant say on TV". There were extremely effective screamers without them!! Some of the best coaches my kids had were screamers as well. And those seem to be the ones my kids love/respect the most. They were tough, but would also put an arm around them and hug them when they messed up and were down on themselves.
  8. The kids may be just as tough, but the parents are definitely weaker mentally. They can't deal with people being tough on their kids. It's the "time out" culture/conundrum. If you put your kid in "time out" as punishment, you probably are not on board with "tough love" from a coach.
  9. Shame. He IS Scott basketball. My kids played against him, went to his camps, and got to know him to some degree. They loved him. I know nothing about him personally or about his future desires. But I hope he remains in coaching in NKY. Great coach in my opinion!!
  10. High school College Watching my kids play men's league NBA In that order.
  11. When considering a decline in attendance, or ways to improve attendance, shouldn't the customer's (attendee's) convenience and/or satisfaction factor into the equation, at least to some extent? It would seem short-sighted for this to be excluded. I would say the same regarding the extra night's hotel stay. If this keeps people away, it's relevant. And some people drive compact cars - which don't make for comfy night's sleep!! I agree with @Oldercoach that someone needs to take a holistic look at the entire event and turn speculation into facts/data, and make adjustments accordingly. If there are things that can be changed that will increase attendance or improve the event, these things should be considered.
  12. I would love to be on that committee.
  13. I would love to see this tournament at a time when it doesn't conflict with the NCAA or the SEC tournaments. But I don't know how that can happen. The KHSAA Sweet 16 is my favorite holiday, but I have always hated missing out on the first week of the NCAA. It's never kept me from attending, but I know plenty of people who say they do not attend for this reason. Although if I were not attending the Sweet 16, I would be working, and probably miss all of the early NCAA games anyway!!! But again - I hate missing the prime time games!! This year I missed the second half of the UK game to watch NCC - not good. But based on the outcome of UK and an entertaining NCC game, a good decision. I would personally rather see the Sweet 16 moved a week earlier and conflict with the SEC tournament, but I am sure I am in the minority on this. The Sweet 16 is just an awesome week for me. Attend HS games Wed-Sun. Watch NCAA games during the break in between sessions and after sessions at the Tin Roof, BW3, or various other venues. Wall-to-wall basketball, creamy-whips, and buffalo wings. Heaven on Earth!!!
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