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  1. Yep. Just watched the game on Wazoo. LexCath put 34 on the board in the 3rd quarter alone.
  2. LCA misses a 36 yard field goal with 2:06 to play Still LexCath 27 LCA 26
  3. With 6:40 to go, LexCath TD pass from Ward to Bryce Andrews. LexCath 27 LCA 26
  4. Play has resumed after a 2 hour lightning delay. After 3 quarters, LCA 26 LexCath 20
  5. This happened a couple of years ago in a LexCath game (vs Bourbon Co. I think) and the game was concluded the next day.
  6. Final in OT. Congrats to LO and a tough loss after a LONG trip for the Knights.
  7. Lone Oak hits their field goal an wins 52-49
  8. Catholic missed a field goal attempt in their turn in OT and must now stop LO.
  9. Woodford County 21 Western Hills 6 with 52 seconds left in the first half.
  10. That would be Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary across the street from the school. Mass is at 4PM on Saturday.
  11. Here is a good shot of Lexington Catholic's helmet.
  12. I would argue that the students have the opportunity to pick the school instead of the other way around.
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