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  1. I agree SC will handle CH, but Meade Co will be hard to beat. I would not look at Male just yet.
  2. I'll take North Hardin. Based on a 4 game winning streak and points scored this season. 28-14
  3. Nelson has been a dr jekyl and mr hyde story this year.. they have looked very good at times and at other times especially in the district games, they looked very bad. The 2 teams scrimmaged last yr w Nelson having the better performance. That being said, Scott co is the no 1 in their district and by no means should be taken lightly. I just hope the cards show up
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing Washington Co play. From what I've read about their games they are pretty solid. Injuries are a big factor Bardstown so I'll go with WC 24-14.
  5. I'm not surprised about the Danville win but the score was not close. Is Danville that much better than Bardstown?
  6. Hard to make that call to go for 2. I think they should have handed the ball to Brooks and not attempted the pass. Its easy to second guess it now. I hope D. Mudd is ok he is a good football player.
  7. Glasgow is riding high after a big win over Green Co. I think they will keep it rolling 28-7.
  8. I agree, Brooks is due but NC must be able to complete some passes for him to have a chance. Look for Nelson to open it up some. For NC that means 10~15 pass attempts. No West Coast O here.
  9. All good points One thing to note about the Warren Central game is the NC offense lost 3 of 5 fumbles killing the drives. But the defense only gave up 3 points from the turnovers. WC's only touchdown was from a kick return. I would expect a battle and not a one sided game.
  10. John Hardin is a very good team. Their defense is impressive. Its like they play with 11 linebackers. Aggressive, fast, head hunters. I like to watch good defense. NC could never get anything going on Offense.
  11. Thats really the reason I mentioned it. Just because its John Hardin people think they (JH) should win. They automaticaly think JH is the better team.
  12. There are not many people outside Nelson Co giving the Card much of a chance. I think they will be very surprised when its over. I believe NC will win this one and it should not be considered an upset if they do.
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