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  1. I was surprised to see them do as well as they did with their talented point guard not playing . Not meaning any disrespect to Rockcastle , she is a huge part of that team.
  2. Two from Campbell and one from Dixie could easily replaced.
  3. There are some very good players left off this team, seems a little political to me.
  4. Owen by six, WV not playing very inspired basketball right now.
  5. Was not there, but from picture it looks like a charge. What is your alls opinion on call, sounds like tough time to get it. As for SK Coach Stowers he will have them ready .
  6. She in past years has always had better talent than everyone else , but not this year. Saw Ryle at SK and against BC, if they play hard as a unit and share ball they will be tough to beat .You can not let them shoot three's either, so you have to pick your poison with them. it
  7. Great player, great student special young lady. CONGRATULATIONS !!!
  8. If they share the ball the way they did at SK this will not be a game, but if they play the way I saw them play last year where a couple took most of the shots at times it will be a game. At SK they brought two off the bench that were better than some of the starters, so this group is loaded. Sub patterns were good that night as well, look forward to seeing if they continue being unselfish.
  9. Have not seen Whitfield, what position does shee play? why foul up by four with less than seven seconds left on clock? Did WV really play two varsity games on one day?
  10. Great win for Owen, to be honest it surprised me but who am I to say. This region is wide open.
  11. You never take the ball out of a hot shooters hand, you let them cool off or demand so much attention that they get other players better looks. You never should take the ball out of their hand, I see coaches do this all the time at the high school level but you rarely see it at the college or pro level. Let the best on that night be the best the other players will be OK with it as long as they are true team mates not individuals.
  12. Did ND not just take Boone down to the wire last week?
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