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  1. The Trimble County game was a battle for the WV boys, and you have to respect that. It was fun to watch. A little physical, but it is basketball. All in all, no complaints, except maybe the bald headed ref was terrible.
  2. SK by 15. Barnes and Sorrell will be to much for Williamstown.:dancingpa
  3. Walton played a good game. Looked like they were determined to win this one. Good job Bearcats. Keep it going.:dancingpa
  4. Ugliest game I have seen in a long time. Walton is by far the worst team in the tournament. Not saying they always play that bad, but they sure did last night. Hope the tide turns soon.
  5. Totally agree with you. Guards need to turn it over less. They definitely need scoring from more than just three kids, and as far as throwing it inside, they need to be able to catch it when thrown inside. With you on all the above. Defense definitely needs improvement. All in all, lots of work for Walton to do.
  6. I think they are getting production out of a few other players also, but they are inexperienced, so it might take longer for some. Only Sullivan and Ponzer saw varsity time last year, so things will get better. They will continue to lose games it they don't start playing defense. Defense wins games.
  7. Congrats to Carroll County on beating a good Gallatin team. Good luck with the rest of the season.:dancingpa
  8. SK played well the whole game. WV only played well in the second half. They need to put it together for a whole game. When you know Barnes is their scorer, why is he left alone all the time. He should not be left alone. Good game SK. Congrats on the win.
  9. Gallatin has an excellent coachiing staff. I say Gallatin wins 65 - 54.
  10. I don't know much about Lloyd, but if they have any athletic seniors, I will go with Lloyd by 10.
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