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Greatest Television Characters of All Time


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Might as well start one. We've got a similiar thread on movie characters, and a thread on favorite old TV shows, this seems like a logical progression.


My two most iconic would be


Hawkeye Pierce

Archie Bunker


A few others off the top of my head:



Andy Sipowitz

Dr. Heathcliffe Huxtibelle

Mary Richards

Andy Taylor

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This list will skew rather recent.


Entire cast of The Wire

Andy Taylor

Barney Fife

Homer Simpson

Bart Simpson

Eric Cartman

Tony Soprano

Walter White

Don Draper

Peggy Olson

Raylon Givens

Boyd Crowder

Mags Bennett

Daisy Mae Duke

Carrie Mathison

Nate Fisher

Vic Mackey

Shane Vendrell

Sam Malone

Norm Peterson

Cliff Claven

Frasier Crane

Al Bundy

Fred Sanford

George Costanza

Cosmo Kramer

Rachel Green

Will Smith

Zack Morris

Kelly Kapowski

Kevin Arnold

Winnie Cooper


The Brain

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Barney Fiffe

Andy Taylor

Otis Campbell

Floyd Lawson

Sam Malone

Archie Bunker

Louis Deplama


Kenny Powers

Cozmo Kramer

Hawkeye Pierce

JR Ewing

Female cast members from Baywatch (except for Stephanie) sorry couldn't resist

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Cliff Huxtable

Theo Huxtable

Jax Teller

Vincent Chase

Johnny Drama

Clay Morrow

Jason Stackhouse

George Jefferson

Arnold Drummond

Fresh Prince of Bel Air(Will Smith's character only)

Kevin Arnold

Charlie from Two and a Half Men

Gil Grissom

Horatio Caine

Peter Griffin

Bart Simpson


Dylan McKay

Brandon Walsh

Valeri Malone

Kelly Taylor

Brenda Walsh

Steve Sanders

David Silver

Donna Martin

Homer Simpson

Al Bundy

Peg Bundy

Kelly Bundy

Bud Bundy


Almost left off one of my favorites......yep....George Constanza....:lol:

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These two really bring the rest of your list into question. :D




Why? Vince's black book is the greatest black book in history. You can't tell me you wouldn't thoroughly enjoy hanging out with Vince for a weekend. He was the ultimate Hollywood bachelor.


Johnny was the greatest failed actor brother in television history. It's like he played himself in real life. He also had some of the greatest one liners in television history. The Kimmel episode and the episode when he went to the desert thinking he failed to get his pilot were classic Entourage episodes.





And if you can list Winnie Cooper I can list Johnny Drama. :lol:

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Ari Gold (Entourage)

Hank (Californication)

Fiona (Shameless :D)

Gil Grissom (CSI: Las Vegas)

Jason Stackhouse (True Blood)

Barney (How I Met Your Mother)

Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory)



I can't believe I forgot Ari. He's a no brainer.



Glad to see someone else appreciates Jason Stackhouse. Dudes named Jason never fail to impress. Word up.

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