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09 Centers with UK in mind.


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Favors and Cousins are PF's. Both are looking at UK, but also a long list of others and I don't see either pulling the trigger for UK any time soon if that is the school they pick.


UK is behind Florida and OSU with several other schools in the same spot as the Cats on Orton's list. Highly unlikely IMO.


They are late to the party on Gallon, but he doesn't seem very far along in the process. I'd say he's most likely with the Oak Hills/UK pipeline, but it's still nothing close to concrete.


Basically I would get my hopes up on any of these four...

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I have one more question. What's keeping these guys from coming to UK?

They would start from day one most likey.

There aren't many schools in the country those four wouldn't start at from day 1. They are being recruited by the likes of Florida, OSU, Arizona, UNC, Memphis, Texas and Indiana. Thinking UK can walk in and land whoever they want is a thing of the past...

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