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  1. That's just scary he's not even their best pitcher on the staff. Congrats to him quite an accomplishment.
  2. I'm doing good. Whose this?

  3. whats going on baker!

  4. Scary thing is the 3 of the 4 from Sacred Heart were freshman. They are just going to continue to get better.
  5. St. X was able to save some pitching wtih playing Manual in the 2nd round. Since Revellete went only 3 innings against Eastern, he will be available along with Underwood, who I believe is there top reliever. Mundt only threw 5 innings so he's also available. St. X sets up pretty well tonight for pitching not sure who Porta will go with but he has to feel good about his situation. On the other end Trinity used Rousseau and May and both went all 7 so neither can pitch tonight. If the game somehow gets washed out it would be interesting to see if May comes back on short rest on Friday and throws. If not I'm assuming Tompkins will give the ball to junior, Nick Hoffman. When the kid is on he has very good stuff. Both teams are well-coached and like people said it's tough to beat a good team 3 times in one year. I'm going with Trinity I feel like their hitting their stride. Trinity 5-3.
  6. PRP, BEast or Butler. All 3 are very good but all have areas they struggle in. Dark horses could be DeSales and North Bullitt. Really depends on the draw these teams get this year. If you can win round 1 without wasting a 1 or 2 than your set. It'll be interesting when the draw comes out who matches up with who.
  7. The officials blew this game I believe the intentional grounding happened at 1 yard line not the endzone sad it happened like this!!!
  8. I hope Ballard beats the crap out of them.
  9. Yessir I know Hector's brother!
  10. I was way off and love it. What a great and unexpected shocker for this game.
  11. This could be an entertaining matchup, Seneca's explosive offense agaisnt a pretty darn good St. X defense. If Seneca can eliminate turnovers they can compete with X, I'll say this game is close for about a quarter and a half then St. X will pull away by pounding away on a suspect Redhawks defense. DaMarcus Smith is very talented but have a feeling he'll be running for his life. If you get a chance go check him out his arm is top notch and Michael Fluellan at receiver can go and get it. St. X 49-14.
  12. After last year I knew they wouldn't there was some tension on the field and between the coaches after last year's playoff game. Moore will score some points on offense, but there D is just plain out awful, the run defense is horrendous when you can't stop anybody it puts to much pressure on the O. I'd say Henry County 56-19.
  13. This doesn't surprise me at all I believe Shawnee has 15-16 kids on the team.
  14. I agree this game will be close they wont shut down Parker completely he'll get his yard and a few catches, but they won't give up the big play. They have 2 pretty good corners in Leon Melvin and Keith Miller that can run with Parker. Western just needs to be able to score to win this game, there qb play has been shaky all year but there skilled kids as a whole are very talented. This game should be close and I think low scoring. I'll take Western in the upset! Western 21 Ballard 20
  15. You all keep saying pull starters Shawnee only has like 16 kids on the team it be a little hard for their coach to pull his. Anyways Wales is a very good running back and big time prospect he doesn't just get his yards against bad teams he's been very consistent this whole season.
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