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Pike Central 28 East Ridge 21


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Congrats Central!!


Hopefully Coach Mac can turn the Central program into a solid football program but there is a lot of work to be done. There is no reason that Pike Central, East Ridge, and Shelby Valley all shouldn't have solid football programs. All 3 schools have a lot of athletic and big kids every year walking the halls of their schools most years. The communities and schools need to get behind the programs and get the kids excited about football.



Good luck to both teams the rest of the season...

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I didn't see many big, athletic kids personally. I was impressed with East Ridge though. IMO, they have a very good chance at getting better and potentially becoming the favorite for that 4th seed in Belfry's district. Pike Central may have won the game, but Chris MacNemee has done NOTHING that is apparent since taking over. Perhaps its not his fault, but something tells me that is Jim Matney had taken over, the team would be competing NOW.


IMO Pike Central shows the EXTREME importance of head coaching in the mountains (and elsewere). Belfry, Johnson Central, and Sheldon Clark have an advantage built in that many fans and players might not even realize.

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