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  1. NOTHING what-so-ever against Fugate and his talent!!! But from several of these post it sounds like some think Fugate can play and win this game by himself :confused: I hate that for the rest of the team!! If this game wasn't so important I'd say let him......It takes 11 team members to play ball. Everyone have a safe trip...Lets hope for an injury free game and... :fight:LETS GO BELFRY!!!!:fight:
  2. CONGRATS PIRATES! What a game :flame: :dancingpa
  3. Honestly, everyone I have talked to says Somerset WILL score on us...yes. Just not enough
  4. They held us to 21 but Belfrys starters were pulled in that game as they have been in every game this year except for Johnson Central.
  5. NICE!! :thumb: Better late than never. Hope everyone had a wonderful Blessed day!
  6. Thats good to hear :thumb: Well, its almost here! Everyone have a safe trip tomorrow. Good luck and lets all stay injury free! :fight:GO BELFRY:fight:
  7. They looked pretty nice on film but Belfry does bring a crowd!!
  8. All right Belfry Boy!! :irked: You do want to continue to tailgate with me dont you :lol: Your fibbing on my trips to the food and Im not the one changing the forcast, Im just posting it because Im soooo glad it wont be raining!! :banana: :fight: Its almost time Belfry! :fight:
  9. The forcast has changed.....COLD but DRY :banana: LOL
  10. I got that from weather.com. Went and typed in Somerset because its calling for rain/snow here. I was hoping for a better forcast. LOL Course that good change several times between now and Friday. We've had a couple of COLD games. I can handle the cold and snow but not the cold and rain.
  11. Friday Nov 23 Partly Cloudy 50°/27° 10% 10 % This is the Somerset Forcast for Friday, it looks a little better than ours. I'm hoping!!
  12. I know what you are saying but lets hope that dont happen! If SC had become "shell shocked" last year, they wouldn't have won that game at the rock. They were down 3 td's and they never quit, never gave up heart. Thats what a winning team has to do. :ylsuper: LETS GO BELFRY :dancingpa
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