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Pre-Season Who makes the NFL Playoffs Prediction?

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West:Kansas City









Wildcard:Eagles or Rams

Wildcard: Panthers

I didn't know I could pick two teams for one slot. That makes it easier :D

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I love my Eagles but this whole Sam Bradford QB thing hinges upon him staying healthy. He has yet to prove he can. No team has looked better during the preseason, but I try not to get caught up in preseason results.


There has not been the same turnover of late, but keep in mind that typically 50% of playoff participants are teams that weren't in the playoffs the previous year.

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3 Minnesota mentions so far, and only 1 Detroit mention.


Not feeling that....


This Detroit crew is one of the most underachieving rosters I can recall. They have more talent than almost every team in the league, yet they suck it up year after year after year. Plus they lost their starting DTs, which were a big part of their success.

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