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Mason County 74 Augusta 63

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Guest Crop_Drop

I thought two of the Snapp fouls were questionable, much different game if he plays. Well played game from both sides, I'd expect an even better game in February.

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Entertaining game. Panther strategy was to limit Henry via the double-team; 2 of his 5 goals were rim-rattlers. Ryan Johnson saved the Royals' bacon with a career-high 20 along with 4 assists. Big advantage for Mason on second-chance points; 15-2.


Mason never got to a double-digit lead until a couple minutes into the 4th quarter; stayed in the neighborhood for most of the rest of the way.


Gritty games by Maddox and Crawford. Schrader was Augusta's leading scorer at halftime. Snapp in some foul trouble and wasn't the factor he usually is as a result.


Augusta is one of those teams that doesn't register all that high on the eye test, but always plays with an edge and never seems to tire out.


Always fun to run into old friends, BGP members and others. afi100guy in the house with his trips, LCDAWGS19 sitting on the wrong side of the gym as is his wont. And as always, my distinct pleasure to touch base with AndOneDad for a few minutes.

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Augusta proved that they can still hang with Mason. That's dangerous come districts.


As always it was good to see SumoRoyal and mcPapa.


Papa, I will take you up on that popcorn offer next time. Like maybe tomorrow night.


Be there or be kernelless.

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