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BGP Fantasy Football League ~ Pre-Season Chatter & Trash Talk


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The bad thing is, I didn't even make the discovery, a fellow player did and was classy enough to point it out.
if it makes you feel any better, your not the only one to do it. I see two more with the same problem.



Also, you might want to talk to Jim Schue, maybe you to can work something out.

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Free Agency is will open after the National Conference finishes its Draft. A notice of at least 24 hours will be given before Free Agency starts.



Question, when will picking up free agents start? Right after the draft? I was thinking about dropping Chad Johnson. lol


When both drafts are done I will give at least a 24hr notice and start free agency for everyone.


How long after the draft ends does free agency begin? I will only have 13 men on my roster, so I will need to pick someone up. Thank.


When both drafts are over I'll give at least a 24 hour notice to everyone and then it will start.
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Team Key


American Conference

Atwood Fighting' Amish - NEERFAN

Big Creek Moonshiners - Da champ

Bushwood Country Club Gophers - AverageJoesGym

Junction City Jailcats * - UKMustangFan

Jungle Junkies - HammerTime

Kalamazoo Wings - LC99

Mauk Ridge Maniacs - Wildcat Dad

Maytown Mirkers - WildcatScratchFever

Middle Fork Mustard Seeds - 5Wide

Northern Kentucky Blazers * - Bigblueinsanity

Northern Kentucky Golden Domers ® - bjknku02

Paducah Rabbit Fists - 00Rocket28

Sawville Gym Shoes - Jim Schue

Shelby Cardinals - tdouth

Southern KY Bionic Roosters ® - LCDAWGS19

Stanton Bums ® - ekubum



National Conference

Auxier RiverRats * - Auxier RiverRat

Boyle County Belt Collectors - PurplePride92

Brush Creek Rusty Ankles - halfback20

Dry Ridge Duckys ® - plantmanky

East End Evolution - RockPride

Erlanger Earthquakes - RondoRules

Florence Fighters - MJAlltheWay24

Ga. St. Prison Mean Machine ** - NamecipS

Huggs Thuggs - gametime

Lex-Town Grapplers - Pancake

Louisa Lumber * - stick1

Miami Bath Salts ® - Blue Magic -

Pikeville High Risers - SVfan4life

Possum Trot WarHogs - The Scribe

Southern KY SubVets - Godot

West Kentucky Rams - sweet16

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Team Key by Member Name


American Conference

00Rocket28 - Paducah Rabbit Fists

5Wide - Middle Fork Mustard Seeds

AverageJoesGym - Bushwood Country Club Gophers

Bigblueinsanity - Northern Kentucky Blazers *

bjknku02 - Northern Kentucky Golden Domers ®

Da champ - Big Creek Moonshiners

ekubum - Stanton Bums ®

HammerTime - Jungle Junkies

Jim Schue - Sawville Gym Shoes

LC99 - Kalamazoo Wings

LCDAWGS19 - Southern KY Bionic Roosters ®

NEERFAN - Atwood Fighting' Amish

tdouth - Shelby Cardinals

UKMustangFan - Junction City Jailcats *

Wildcat Dad - Mauk Ridge Maniacs

WildcatScratchFever - Maytown Mirkers



National Conference

Auxier RiverRat - Auxier RiverRats *

Blue Magic - Miami Bath Salts ®

gametime - Huggs Thuggs

Godot - Southern KY SubVets

halfback20 - Brush Creek Rusty Ankles

MJAlltheWay24 - Florence Fighters

NamecipS - Ga. St. Prison Mean Machine **

Pancake - Lex-Town Grapplers

plantmanky - Dry Ridge Duckys ®

PurplePride92 - Boyle County Belt Collectors

RockPride - East End Evolution

RondoRules - Erlanger Earthquakes

stick1 - Louisa Lumber *

SVfan4life - Pikeville High Risers

sweet16 - West Kentucky Rams

The Scribe - Possum Trot WarHogs

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