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  1. Big 4th quarter comeback for the Dragons. They have a little athlete at quarterback who can sling it to some athletes. Fern Creek's pass defense was exposed. It's either a cover 2 shell whose only adjustment was to go man-to-man. Since Doss has athletes that can match up with Fern Creek, the Tigers had issues covering. But it took Doss 2.5 quarters to realize they couldn't run on Fern Creek's stout DL.
  2. BC has lost to two decent teams and has beaten 4 teams with a combined record of 8-18. Their best win was the first week of the season when they Louisville Holy Cross 7-0. Not sure I would call that worthy of being ranked top 10 in 5A.
  3. CAL controlled the line of scrimmage for the last 3 quarters. Milton Wright is a stud.
  4. Nelson Co. defeated Shawnee in a scrimmage last Friday, 30-14.
  5. The other kicker wasn't injured, just playing in a soccer tournament in Barren Co. on Friday.
  6. Shelby Co. sideline is turning into a M.A.S.H. unit unfortunately. Ambulance being called for the 2nd time.
  7. The regular kicker is playing a soccer match tonight at Barren County and Christian decided to give it a try. She's one of state's top goal scorers.
  8. It's Christian Foster and she will be playing soccer at EKU next year.
  9. Egli left Nelson Co. football in very poor shape. The kids haven't been coached in years, particularly on defense. There was a shell of a weight-lifting program going on, too. Egli didn't give to feeder middle school programs the needed support. It's going to take some time to get the ship righted but I know the new coaches will care about the kids and work hard to get things corrected. But there are very few seniors so a lot of young kids are playing. They just need to trust the staff and keep working hard.
  10. BE is slow compared to the teams they have had the last couple years. Their sophomore class is definitely their best group. There just isn't much healthy, talented depth in the junior and senior classes this season. Each of the two older groups has some solid players, just not enough, especially to withstand the injuries.
  11. Health status is a little better. The main thing is that the district schedule is easier than the non-district schedule.
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