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  1. Contrast all the supportive and positive comments this tribal with the very original. "I would let the vultures take you and do whatever they want with you. With no regrets."
  2. When Maryanne showed that she had the unplayed idol was when anyone still voting Mike was pushed over to her side. Until then I thought it may go 5-3 or 6-2. Has there been a winner who did not win a challenge? I bet not.
  3. If Maryanne, who has been terrible at challenges, pulls this one off...then its over.
  4. She is playing to win and leaving her heart on the sleeve. I still think if Maryanne goes to final 3 she wins. Mike is #2 and Jonathan #3.
  5. Correct. Like NFL and AFL pre-Superbowl. So the seasons are over for everyone. Here are a couple of sites with rankings. LAXPOWER used to be "the bible" for such things but it shut down. Lasnumbers seems to be up to date and shows both State Champs. https://www.laxnumbers.com/ratings.php?y=2022&v=3190 Inside Lacrosse site has buttons to show the different leagues and divisions (for CLL). It seems a little behind with W-L records. https://www.insidelacrosse.com/recruiting/highschool/state/KY/22
  6. It actually did already. St. X did beat LexCath during the regular season, 17-4. The two leagues remain separate with KSLL being Louisville metro and CLL being more statewide. I was around when the split occurred many years ago. They were using previous years LAXPower ratings to form three classes. The top class had 8 teams in it. But the state schools would swing in strength from year to year. And the 3 or 4 top schools were (and still are) in the Louisville metro area year after year. The combination led to LexCath and Tates Creek being in the top class with the Louisville powerhouses after both graduated large senior classes the year before. LexCath had 1 senior and 1 junior - and all the rest underclassmen that year. It made for some rough outings. I would suspect you will see St. X continue to be...St. X...in the future in this sport. LexCath has always been strong in the state-wide league since the split. This even after the original coach took over the Transylvania program and some other coaching changes over time. Henry Clay has tradtionally been strong as well. If the KHSAA steps in or they recombine they will have to deal with wide range of maturity in the programs and dynamics of the less established programs. Things were growing and expanding under the split but it seems that has slowed or stopped somewhat. Its a great sport that I continue to encourage all kids (and adults if so inclined) to be involved in.
  7. St. X defeated Trinity Friday night 13-6 to win the KSLL Championship. Lexington Catholic defeated Covington Catholic 11-4 to win the CLL Championship.
  8. Just caught up from the weathered out broadcast last night. Was watching tonight with hail hitting hard for about 10 minutes. Maryanne has now PLAYED survivor. This was her gold star on the resume. I think she beats anyone if she in final three, hands down. She has matured incredibility quickly in her focus and approach. Lindsey is still number two. With three idols in hands, does that mean that Jonathon or Romeo are the only ones that can lose the next immunity vote?
  9. Same. Trying to find "on-demand" version somewhere.
  10. Final 6 - 50/50 time. Its a good time to have an idol and win immunity challenges. Maryanne Who had Maryanne in this group at the beginning of the season? Yet, if she is one of three finalist she will get votes and could very well win. And, she reloaded her idol after playing her first one with Drea. Lindsay Lindsay almost blew her Rich Strike-like run from the middle of the pack to a front runner by electing to compete in the do-or-die immunity challenge. With the departure of Drea her amulet turns into an idol. The football playing, self-admittedly loud New Jersey native has to be considered another favorite. Mike and Omar Between the two of them they have an idol. Will Omar give it back to Mike after they played Drea? If he does he is exposed. If he does not he may be losing votes even if he reaches the final 3. One vote Omar does not have is Drea's. She made sure to throw him under the bus and backed it up since he was the only knew of her advantage. Mike is deserving of final 3. However, he will hard time gathering votes against Maryanne and/or Lindsay if they are sitting next to him. Jonathan The big guy looks like he came off of a romance novel cover. He has won the key immunity challenges. He will need to keep that going to make final three since he is without an idol. If he does make the final three it is hard to see him gathering more votes than Maryanne or Lindsay. If he is sitting with Mike, Omar and/or Romeo he should have a chance. Romeo He will make final three. Its hard to see him being voted out at this stage. But he will almost certainly not win and may not get a vote.
  11. I went this route when cardiologist pushed for last year. This was after a couple of Cardioversions for afib/flutter. Over the last six years of an afib journey I have had 3 PVAs (last one with new mapping technology) and 12 CVs. My GP ordered up a relatively inexpensive DIY test kit to start. It showed around 15 events per hour. Not a lot but over the threshold they are looking for. So we did the rent-to-own thing that seems popular with the insurance companies and got a state of the art resmed machine. Used the nose-only with the nozzles at first. Then switched to the nose pillow. Got through the "rent-to-own" with insurance paying period but have suspended use as of now. Focused on finishing weight loss that has been 15 year project to get to the old "target weight". Mrs. says no snoozing and the machine was recording only 1 or 2 events per hour for the 3 to 5 hours I would wear it. I am a side/half stomach sleeper with special (hard/firm) side sleeper pillow. That maybe one reason I quit. Headgear would hurt when waking in middle of night. 5 hours was my max usually. 3 or 4 was more typical. Also would go to mouth breathing. The reason for this - allergies that I have ignored for years. So now I am a flonas fan before going to bed. Back in 2017 my first sleep apnea test showed sever apnea. But that after a couple months on the front line afib drugs that cause weight gain. I gained 15 to 20 pounds after a month on those medications. So I was 30 pounds heavier during that test. It was also with old clunky gear to do the measuring and had to sleep on my back. I was a miserable night - but was doing what was told by docs. There is tie-in with sleep apnea and cardio issues. Your whole cardio-pulmonary system is designed to keep your blood chemistry in balance and restricting or changing one forces change in the other to try to compensate. If your O2 get low your body will kick in to get either more air and failing to do that it will try for a faster heart rate to move the blood faster. So the stress on the heart is real with apnea.
  12. Nowhere near as bad as GOT ending. To many subplots to neatly close them all out. Here is a question. Did Julia Garner go from "supporting" to "lead" in this mini-season? She already has awards for supporting in previous seasons.
  13. Good episode. Though I hate to see the good players go out at this point. Lesson of the night - be careful who you share information with - especially when there is no gain in sharing it.
  14. Transylvania closed out the season today with an 11-10 loss to North Central College in the finals of their new league - CCIW. The Pioneers were 11-6 overall this season. Centre lost to Rhodes, 8-7 in the semi-finals of the SAA Conference on April 29th. The Colonels 9-6 overall and 6-1 in conference play. Bellarmine lost to University of Utah, 12-11, in overtime, in the ASUN Conference Tournament. Overall the Knights were 4-13 overall. Links: http://www.transysports.com/sports/mlax/schedule?path=mlax https://centrecolonels.com/sports/mens-lacrosse/schedule https://athletics.bellarmine.edu/sports/mens-lacrosse/schedule/2022
  15. Was late watching. MJ's points are (like usual) spot on. Lindsey suddenly appears jumps out of a big shadow. Had she found that idol - she would have had inside track to finals. Maryanne gets a payback and now she has some hidden strength. Can she really keep it secret? Romeo is either gone or vote fodder for the end. Drea, Lindsey have to be considered favorites at this point. Omar and Mike in 3rd. Jonothan needed an idol or two at this point. And as quirky as Maryanne is - she may work her way in their.
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