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  1. The first game of the season for Pendleton Co. there were 38 kids on the roster. That's what always seems to happen at Dayton, they have a large group of kids sign up and then the first set-back sends them packing in the face of adversity.
  2. That kid did play o-line for two years before this one as the fullback and he was slow and uneffective then too.
  3. Isn't that "Spread, I-Pro" the offense Lickert brought in about 6 years ago not three? Seemed to work pretty good then and four years ago when the Devils went 8-3.
  4. So does this mean that the only addition that Cooper is making to this is their own 5/6 team with the way it is set up now? Either way, one thing is for sure the condition of Boone Co. football has taken great steps in the last few years with the large success of both Ryle and Cooper. Those two have definately made a statement. Not to mention the success Cooner had just a few years ago and have tried to maintain. Great junior league programs usually yield great high school programs.
  5. Not sure where the original poster got his information, but Deaton was not fired nor approached by the school to step down. From talking to Deaton last weekend he decided to step down on his own accord to pursue other opportunities. I normally am just a lurker on this site but it really bothered me that this was so inaccurately posted. As a Dayton fan and alumni I wish the best for Deaton and hope good things for the Greendevil program in the future.
  6. As a former Hilltopper, I love the idea of having WKU host the state games. Personally, I really like the rotation idea if that works. But WKU would be a good site in that rotation. The city is really growing and Western is beautiful. Plus, there are some great restaurants in BG!
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