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  1. Do you have evidence to show otherwise, and not from the 60s and 70s?
  2. If you are going to continually bring up your racists views whenever you get the chance, please at least get the facts correct. The incident you keep referring to in PA, I assume, was perpetrated by the "NEW Black Panther Party", completely unaffiliated with the Black Panthers.
  3. You will see, as we move forward that there were indeed riots related to the video that were happening AND a planned attack. As for asking for more support/security - it is my understanding now that the security was asked for in Tripoli, not Benghazi
  4. My point wasn't about getting to the bottom of it . . . that is the easy part. The question is the recourse. What could the school (principal) have done to change the behavior? Suspended the kid for 3-5 days is the worst they can do and this is not a behavior changing tactic.
  5. You ever hear of the Great Depression? Folks is my family were/are ministers who do not pay into social security, they were very smart with their investments AND got less risky/more conservative as they got older and still have not recovered from what the market did to their savings and are having to work WELL into their 70s. Had they been truck drivers or construction workers who were not able to continue the physical labor work they have been doing they would be screwed right now and either out of money or at least running out of it by this point. It has nothing to do with how smart they were is had to do with GLOBAL ECONOMIC markets over which they had no control.
  6. Who again are we talking about that made the dream happen?? MR or GWB? Neither one of them rose up the socio-economic ladder to live differently than their parents. Is the American dream now simply being born wealthy and finding a way to stay there?
  7. Not to sound too defensive here, but what exactly should the school do? About the only recourse is to send the student home for a few days. FWIW, that rarely, if ever changes any behavior. And, I discipline students all of the time and then have parents call me and say, "why didn't you do anything to that OTHER student" not knowing that I did and me not being able to tell them because of FERPA. Most schools have moved away from having students grade each others' papers for these same FERPA rules so that is the only real issue I see here with the school. The only real recourse is to file charges for harassment, call kids into court and have them testify. Schools are not courts of law and our severest punishments are viewed by some as vacations. Other educators correct me if I am wrong. Lots of counseling and talking can take place but it is not always effective. Sometimes kids simply ACT LIKE they shouldn't and then there is not much that can be done. Also, schools cannot file charges "for" someone.
  8. CNN has already admitted that their poll is slanted 8 points toward republicans.
  9. You can't have more mfg. jobs without better infrastructure and infrastructure is government money and republicans don't believe in spending gov't money so no more infrastructure and no mfg. jobs
  10. Wall Street is WAY up as are corporate profits. Those folks are certainly doing better than they were 4 years ago.
  11. Public service (teaching, firefighting, police work) doesn't count. Government is too big.
  12. Track that data. It is always like that.
  13. More people were actually looking for jobs, and somewhere I saw that the actual real new jobs was over 800k. Again, I don't want to learn how that is all figured out but the simple fact is, whatever numbers you have used as long as they are consistent over time we have less unemployment now than we did at this time last year.
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