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  1. I wonder if they should start including the average age of Starters on middle school teams.
  2. The coach has had years of success with Corbin, what would Corbin accomplish by firing him after one down season. He is in a much different district now, if the people of Corbin are too short sighted to see this they are in for a lot of years of disappointment. Just ridiculous to hear this kind of talk.
  3. Williamburg 24 Harlan 0 3:02 left in 2Q Harlan QB just got drilled. Didn't look good.
  4. 4 seeds beating 1 seeds! I suppose it is a good thing that the playoffs are watered down.
  5. Williamsburg 32 Jenkins 0 Start of 3rd
  6. If Harlan overlooks Berea they could be in for a dog fight.
  7. Until all the other sports are changed in Kentucky this argument has no legs to stand on really.
  8. Looking at the roster. What happen to this being about players from the mountian teams?
  9. How many of the players on the Roster for Kentucky already have scholarship offers?
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