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  1. Thanks professor... I’ll be up at Sag Hollow this year showing the golf skills... I made the game until overtime... I’m friends with the county attorney and would like to see his son make it.. he plays for Wolfe.
  2. She will be happy to hear that. It really is on and off the court information from what I can tell.
  3. Comes out November 1. They have been working on it two years.
  4. I have been busy!!!! I met Macie the other day.. she came to my office with my wife... like an Olympian athletically... I called U.K. people afterwards about her. Then she was was second in the region as a junior...wow.
  5. I rooted for UL like they were my Cats...way to go Cards....UK next year and that will be three years the title was won by a ky team. Great game. You all should be proud.
  6. My wife and I disagree on this....I think for his age he is fine and considering his job. She thinks he looks terrible. I remind her he isn't 37 when she saw him jogging at uk and we all get older. She says I am older too so how do you win? You can't say she is!!!!!
  7. Another UK fan here....I was almost as nervous watching UL win (rooting for them) as for UK. I have come a long way. I hope they win it all...and that UK does next year. lol
  8. Louisville and any Ky team....Minnesota but Louisville is my top pick. I think they can win it.
  9. He is an athlete himself. I would really like to see Estill go to the state now that Lee and Owsley are done(they are out right???)...have been a fan since the Blake Christopher days...what an ambassador he was!!!!
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