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  1. "Can someone give us the name of the CovCath grad who played the National Anthem on the electric guitar ala Jimi Hendrix, he should travel from gym to gym doing it." Ryan Snyder, CovCath Grad ... member of the band, The Borderline Something, with two other CCH grads, Eric Torres and Ben Maile. The trio currently lives in Nashville chasing their dream. First album "Episode I" available on Spotify.
  2. I just want to make sure you saw that I apologized to you for emphatically stating that you were wrong.
  3. I found the same site...it's an explanation of the most misunderstood rules in basketball. So, Sweet16, I am wrong regarding the rule book. My apologies. The actual rule to which you refer does say that the defender has to keep himself and his arms straight up or he risks conceding his "rule of verticality" right. It's up the official to figure that out I guess. I'll stand by my point, however, that the way I explained my point previously is the way the game has been taught for many moons ... and I've been around a lot of basketball and never seen it called on offensive player. But again, technically, your are correct and I was wrong. Good call!
  4. There's way more to this game to discuss than this, but your point is simply wrong. No where in the rule book is that stated.
  5. I understand, but the defender, by leaving his feet, forfeits any claim to establishing position. The offensive player is allowed to attempt his shot and even move toward the basket in that attempt without penalty. There simply is no situation, when the defender leaves his feet ... no matter how far forward the shooter jumps, where it's an offensive foul. Move the shot to right under the basket, the defender jumps straight up and the offensive kid goes up and toward the basket .... it's a defensive foul. Same situation just farther from the rim. It's really not a point of contention at all. That's a defensive foul. Only exception is if an official deems a "flagrant" by the offensive kid.
  6. Is that backwards? If not, Beechwood has all of the sudden become a threat to the big girls?
  7. At least. This shouldn't be a game whatsoever.
  8. So what do the brackets look like at this point?
  9. Velocity! If he finds an opportunity, and works his tail off...he could play some college and maybe bloom late. He simply doesn't throw hard enough to attract colleges...he just throws a lot of high school outs.
  10. Dman, as strong as you came on, I'm thinking you owe a little more humility than that. Come on man, a SWEEP is pretty strong. On the other hand, I heard a USC fan on Sunday, (when the sweep began to come into focus): "well, we were just overrated, UK's really not that good". So maybe you weren't that far off...we'll just wait and see.
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