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  1. Just go to last years regional semifinals game for one. A lot more coaching going on than the coaching staff!!! Hard to coach kids when they are being coached from the stands!!
  2. Maybe he needs a change! Just because you have a good team doesn’t mean everything is great and fun!!!!
  3. Conner/CC played last week and Conner won by double digits! I have no idea what CC record is.
  4. Heard from a good source that Coach Perkins is stepping down. If so the man had an unbelievable record at Holmes and not many L's in the 9th region. Great Coach!!!
  5. This is why they play the game. Eat your words. Great hov HC
  6. Well lets just stop the tournament and give them the trophy.
  7. You might eat your words coachforlife. Nothing is a for sure. It's tournament time and anything can happen. Good luck to both teams..
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