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  1. Look for the owls to have a pretty good season. I think Gilbert will have a breakout season, this being her last year. Its a shame about her sister though she could of helped the team alot.
  2. Larry Thacker, Harrison Bailey and A. J. Cambell (the worst ref in the 14th) but that's out of the question. I thought this was the best game in this region all year. Both teams played great and the charge that took place in the final 10 seconds was the worst call I've ever seen. I agree 100% that it was a charge but the fact that they fouled Davidson out when he was laying on the floor at half court from fighting for a loose ball was just pothetic. A.J. Cambell should have received the MVP in this game for that call alone. I'm not saying that if Davidson had not fouled out Jackson would have won, I still think Breatitt would have come out on top. But the fact is that one call changed the view on this game from a fan's perspective. I think both of these teams have a chance in the region cause let's face it is the 14th but I would like to see one game between Breathitt and Jackson where we can at least say it was a good called game. Congrats two both teams, and to Breathitt on the win, both teams have one more game and if the draw goes each teams way we might see a Jackson City - Breathitt County regional final.
  3. The 14th region all star game will be this sunday at PCC
  4. imo Lusk and Clemons both work very well together. Theyh both have been pitcher and catcher for four straight years so they know very well what the other can do.:thumb:
  5. Breathitt has a good team but they are very young. I just want to say something about the seniors at Jackson Kilburn,Watkins,Lusk,Watts and Clemons all had great careers and have nothing to hang there heads about.It was gonna be hard to fill the shoes they wore last year and they couldnt pull it off. With four coaches in four years these 5 young men hung in there and stood tall and i am glad to be a tiger fan cause these guys helped put this school on the map congratulations.
  6. Some how I don't think that your team is Jackson City. In every thread you have posted in, you have sided with the Bobcats..and you always argue with anyone when they criticize Breathitt, just cause your name is JCS don't mean you supports the Tiger. You bleed blue and you know it.
  7. Tyler Bailey had 40 points if he continues to play like this PCC will be tough hard to handle.
  8. 1.June Buchanan-When there hitting their is noone that can contain them. 2.Powell County-With romans in the middle they are hard to stop he is without a doubt the best big man in the region. 3.Hazard-Was playing well til the game at Powell but still with Hicks and Campbell you can never count them out of a game. 4.Perry Central- Tyler Bailey is an excellent player and is a very hard matchup for many teams. After beating June Buchanan at Alice Lloyd you have to put them here at number 4. 5.Breathitt County- One of the best freshman classes in recent years and with Smith down low they are hard to stop. If they can win tonight against June Buchanan I think you have to move them up to number 3. 6.Buckhorn- Have lost some good games of late but still with Gay and Blank are a very good team. 7. Lee County- Didnt play very well against Breathitt and have been strugling as of late. IMO the biggest dissapointment in the region but still with a lot of experience they have to be here @ number 7. 8.Letcher County Central- With wins over Breathitt, Cordia they have to be considered as a good team but have a loss to Jenkins and close games against Knott and Owsley very inconsistent but still a good team. 9.Jackson City- have lost six games by a total of 15 points.They have been playing well as of late and if Lusk can continue his great play they will be hard to beat in late Febuary. 10. Cordia, Estill, Knott all three of these teams can beat anyone on any given night but have struggled here as the season is winding down. The region is wide open again with more teams this year able to win than last year. Should be a very exciting post season idk about you all but i cant wait.
  9. I think Breathitt is a very good team and have some very talented players but I do believe the tigers could win the game if they play hard. Whoever wins that game should win the district
  10. Jackson City pulled this one out at Leslie Good win tigers good luck Saturday at cordia
  11. Riverside Vs. Wolfe County Breathitt County vs Jackson City The district will be held at wolfe county
  12. Leslie won @ J.c. earlier this year but jackson didnt play that good. IMO Jackson hasnt played their best game yet and they could use this win to get em rolling before tourney time. Who wins?
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