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  1. Finally something of a competitive nature to watch! I wonder how the ratings do tonight. Last week's preview has two people going home tonight: Yara - With Rob out of the picture, Ben and Adam are now at a disadvantage with Sarah and Sophie both sitting on advantages. If this tribe goes to immunity, I predict Adam will flip to them and Ben goes home. I think Sarah and Sophie will preserve their 'steal-a-vote' and hidden idol, respectively. Sele - What a dynamic this tribe has going on. Nick, Wendell, and Yul seem to be a super tight trio and I don't see any of them seeing the advantage of keeping Parv around. Sadly, I think her run is over if this team loses tribal tonight (I don't think they'll lose the challenge.) Dakal - This tribe could be due for some fireworks. You have Tony and Sandra, then Denise and Jeremy.... And Kim seemingly in the middle. Kim seems to be close with Jeremy ('Poker' alliance, discussing her position last episode) and obviously has connections with Tony and Sandra. Kim absolutely dominated her season she won and it has been entertaining watching her struggle to try to find her position in this game. On top of that, throw in Sandra's idol (How much longer does she have that?), Kim's idol, Denise's idol, and Jeremy's leave tribal advantage.... I have no idea how all of that plays out but I'll guess Kim sides with Jeremy/Denise to vote out Sandra but she plays her idol sending Jeremy home.
  2. Is there a breakdown of East / West schools somewhere? I see the RPI listed on the KHSAA website but want to look at possible match ups for round 3
  3. That is exactly why last week's district game against Bellevue meant so much to Dayton this year. Had they won that game they could have played Ludlow twice rather than the Breds twice. I hope both teams avoid injuries in this game.
  4. I expect this to be a great game. I have to lean a little on the battle tested Beechies but think the outcome could hinge on one big play (pick 6, missed extra point, goal line stand, etc.). Beechwood and their coaching staff have been in more of these games giving them my slight edge.
  5. Actually, it's the opposite this year for NCC. They may lack a headliner but are much deeper at all positions. The Breds roll pretty easily as they get closer to their class size.
  6. I think the offense will look entirely different when matched against schools more their size. There will be a more consistent running game and I anticipate a more sustained short - medium passing game. The Breds will be fine.
  7. I hope they get antibiotic turf to avoid possible law suits.
  8. How good could Mitchell have really been? Didn't his team go winless his senior year? :jump:
  9. Jeff Brady from NCC / UK played in NFL for 9 or 10 years. Maybe also born out of state.
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